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[WIP] Initial setup for the page builder. #13

merged 2,731 commits into from Sep 5, 2019


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commented Jun 10, 2019

Summary of Changes

This PR introduces the new feature Page Builder. With Apodis, the new frontend template, users are able to define the structure of their website with an editor. It allows to drag and drop the elements grid, column, container, module position, message and component into the order and position the user wants. These elements are plugins and therefore expandable and (de-) activatable.

Testing Instructions

Log in to the Joomla backend and go to System -> Site Template Styles.
Set Apodis as the default frontend template and look into its settings.
Here you should find the Page Builder tab and the editor.
Use the editor, try it out, add, edit and remove elements. Save and reload. Change the target device. Test module positions like 'sidebar-right' or 'footer' and assign modules (outside of the Page Builder).
Look at the frontend. Does Apodis look like you expected with the elements set in the editor? Have the settings of each element, e.g. classes or gaps, the correct effect? Is it responsive and adjust on different screen sizes? Are there any browser console errors caused by JavaScript?

Documentation Changes Required

Yes. You can find it in the Joomla Documentation.

This is draft Pull request.

Don't merge this PR this should be created by students.


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commented Jun 14, 2019

@bahl24 @fancyFranci I think to install template you need to add data to sql file

(0, 'cassiopeia', 'template', 'cassiopeia', '', 0, 1, 1, 0, '', '{"logoFile":"","fluidContainer":"0","sidebarLeftWidth":"3","sidebarRightWidth":"3"}', 0, '0000-00-00 00:00:00', 0, 0),
Like this one.


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Member Author

commented Jun 15, 2019

@bahl24 @fancyFranci Why so many changes ?


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commented Jun 16, 2019

@bahl24 @fancyFranci Why so many changes ?

The earlier drone hash was expired, so drone tests were not running. I've updated the hash now


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commented Jun 17, 2019

@bahl24 @fancyFranci Why so many changes ?

Most of them are moving files like discussed or from the 4.0 branch. Which changes do you mean exactly?


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Member Author

commented Jun 28, 2019

Screenshot from 2019-06-28 21-37-27

Error while adding custom class .


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commented Jul 2, 2019

@Anu1601CS @fancyFranci when you get a minute can you update your branch to the latest that should fix the first error issued by drone and the actual tests can run.

Please do not use joomla/joomla-cms:4.0-dev as source as there we have a different drone signature. Please always use joomla-projects/gsoc19_page-builder:4.0-dev

@bahl24 bahl24 force-pushed the editor branch from e8c8280 to 0b586ec Jul 4, 2019

SharkyKZ and others added 16 commits Aug 27, 2019
[4.0] Permissions widths (#26027)
* [4.0] Permissions widths

There is no specific width set on the columns in the permissions table. As a result as you move between access levels you will see the columns jump around depending on the width of the content on the first row in the last column.

This PR resolves this by setting explicit widths for the columns
[4.0] Article Options (#26043)
* [4.0] Article Options

Remove the Global fieldset and move those fields to the Options fieldset

Global makes no sense and they're no different really from the Options
[4.0] Search button in the toolbar (#26042)
Removes the css that changed the colour of the search button in the toolbar - it is not consistent with the blue used elsewhere in the toolbar such as list and direction

@bahl24 bahl24 marked this pull request as ready for review Aug 29, 2019

@bahl24 bahl24 changed the base branch from 4.0-dev to development Aug 30, 2019

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.0-dev' into editor
# Conflicts:
#	.drone.yml
#	administrator/components/com_banners/tmpl/banner/edit.php
#	administrator/components/com_checkin/Controller/DisplayController.php
#	administrator/components/com_config/tmpl/application/default_filters.php
#	administrator/components/com_config/tmpl/application/default_permissions.php
#	administrator/components/com_config/tmpl/component/default.php
#	administrator/components/com_content/forms/article.xml
#	administrator/components/com_installer/Controller/DatabaseController.php
#	administrator/components/com_installer/Controller/DiscoverController.php
#	administrator/components/com_installer/Controller/DisplayController.php
#	administrator/components/com_installer/Controller/UpdateController.php
#	administrator/components/com_joomlaupdate/Controller/DisplayController.php
#	administrator/components/com_menus/presets/joomla.xml
#	administrator/components/com_menus/presets/menus.xml
#	administrator/components/com_postinstall/Controller/DisplayController.php
#	administrator/components/com_tags/tmpl/tag/edit.php
#	administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_cpanel.ini
#	administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_menu.ini
#	administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_submenu.ini
#	administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_submenu.sys.ini
#	administrator/modules/mod_frontend/mod_frontend.xml
#	administrator/modules/mod_menu/tmpl/default.php
#	administrator/modules/mod_menu/tmpl/default_submenu.php
#	administrator/modules/mod_privacy_status/helper.php
#	administrator/modules/mod_submenu/Menu/Menu.php
#	administrator/modules/mod_submenu/mod_submenu.php
#	administrator/modules/mod_submenu/mod_submenu.xml
#	administrator/modules/mod_submenu/tmpl/default.php
#	administrator/templates/atum/error_full.php
#	administrator/templates/atum/error_login.php
#	administrator/templates/atum/index.php
#	administrator/templates/atum/language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_atum.ini
#	administrator/templates/atum/login.php
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/_variables.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/blocks/_form.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/blocks/_header.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/blocks/_login.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/blocks/_searchtools.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/blocks/_sidebar.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/blocks/_toolbar.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/pages/_com_tags.scss
#	administrator/templates/atum/scss/template-rtl.scss
#	build/media_source/templates/atum/js/template.es6.js
#	composer.lock
#	package-lock.json
bahl24 and others added 3 commits Sep 2, 2019

@Anu1601CS Anu1601CS requested a review from bembelimen Sep 4, 2019

@fancyFranci fancyFranci merged commit f27d727 into development Sep 5, 2019

0 of 2 checks passed

continuous-integration/drone/pr Build is failing
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is failing
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