An extended Webdriver Browser to navigate through Joomla sites with Codeception
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Joomla Browser (Codeception Module)

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Table of Contents

The Joomla Browser

Joomla Browser is a Module. It allows to build system tests for a Joomla site much faster providing a set of predefined tasks.

In between the available functions you can find:

    • install joomla
    • install Joomla removing Installation Folder
    • install Joomla Multilingual Site
    • do administrator login
    • do administrator logout
    • set error reporting to development
    • search for item
    • check for item existence
    • publish a module
    • setting a module position and publishing it
      • install extension from Folder
      • install extension from url
      • enable plugin
      • uninstall extension
      • search result plugin name
    • do frontend login
    • select option in chosen
    • select Option In Radio Field
    • select Multiple Options In Chosen
    • check for php notices or warnings

The Joomla Browser is constantly evolving and more methods are being added every month. To find a full list of them check the public methods at:

Joomla Browser in action

If you want to see a working example of JoomlaBrowser check weblinks tests:

Using Instructions

Update Composer.json file in your project, and download


composer require joomla-projects/joomla-browser:dev-develop

Loading the Module in Codeception

Finally make the following changes in Acceptance.suite.yml to add JoomlaBrowser as a Module.

Your original acceptance.suite.ymlprobably looks like:

        - WebDriver
        - AcceptanceHelper
            url: 'http://localhost/joomla-cms3/'     # the url that points to the joomla cms
            browser: 'firefox'
            window_size: 1024x768
              unexpectedAlertBehaviour: 'accept'

You should remove the WebDriver module and replace it with the JoomlaBrowser module:

            url: 'http://localhost/joomla-cms/'     # the url that points to the joomla installation at /tests/system/joomla-cms
            browser: 'firefox'
            window_size: 1024x768
              unexpectedAlertBehaviour: 'accept'
            username: 'admin'
            password: 'admin'
            database host: 'localhost'             # place where the Application is Hosted #server Address
            database user: 'root'                  # MySQL Server user ID, usually root
            database password: '1234'                  # MySQL Server password, usually empty or root
            database name: 'dbname'            # DB Name, at the Server
            database type: 'mysqli'                # type in lowercase one of the options: MySQL\MySQLi\PDO
            database prefix: 'jos_'                # DB Prefix for tables
            install sample data: 'Yes'              # Do you want to Download the Sample Data Along with Joomla Installation, then keep it Yes
            sample data: 'Default English (GB) Sample Data'    # Default Sample Data
            admin email: ''      # email Id of the Admin
            language: 'English (United Kingdom)'   # Language in which you want the Application to be Installed
            joomla folder: '/home/.../path to Joomla Folder' # Path to Joomla installation where we execute the tests


Joomla Browser comes with a set of tools added via

Code Style Checker

To check automatically the code style execute the following commands in your Terminal window at the root of the repository:

  • $ composer install
  • $ vendor/bin/robo
  • $ vendor/bin/robo check:codestyle