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Paste 2.2

Download PASTE

Download PASTE Download PASTE

Paste is forked from the original source used before it was bought. The original source is available from the previous owner's GitHub repository

A public version can be found here

IRC: If you would like support or want to contribute to Paste connect to in channel #PASTE

Any bugs can be reported at:


  • Apache 2.X / Nginx
  • PHP 5.3.7 (or later) with php-openssl & GD enabled [PHP7.+ recommended]
  • MySQL 5.x+


  • Create a database for PASTE.
  • Upload all files to a webfolder
  • Point your browser to http(s)://
  • Input some settings, DELETE the install folder and you're ready to go.

Manual install

Do the first two steps above and import the database schema using the CLI (or import via phpMyAdmin)

mysql -uuser -ppassword databasename < docs/paste.mysqlschema.sql

Move docs/config.example.php to config.php and edit

Development setup

  • Set up git
  • Fork this repository
  • Create a database for PASTE.
  • Check out the current master branch of your fork
  • Point your browser to http(s):// and follow the instructions on screen or import docs/paste.mysqlschema.sql into your database and copy docs/config.example.php to config.php and edit

Now you can start coding and send in pull requests.


  • 2.1 to 2.2 no changes to database

  • 2.0 to 2.1

Insert the schema changes to your database using the CLI:

mysql -uuser -ppassword databasename < upgrade/2.0-to-2.1.sql

or upload & import upgrade/2.0-to-2.1.sql using phpMyAdmin

  • 1.9 to 2.0

Run upgrade/1.9-to.2.0.php

Clean URLs

Set mod_rewrite in config.php to 1

For Apache, just use .htaccess

For Nginx, use the example config in docs/nginx.example.conf


See docs/

Paste now supports pastes of upto 4GB in size, and this is configurable in config.php

However, this relies on the value of post_max_size in your PHP configuration file.

// Max paste size in MB. This value should always be below the value of
// post_max_size in your PHP configuration settings (php.ini) or empty errors will occur.
// The value we got on installation of Paste was: post_max_size = 1G
// Otherwise, the maximum value that can be set is 4000 (4GB)
$pastelimit = "1"; // 0.5 = 512 kilobytes, 1 = 1MB

To enable registration with OAUTH see this block in config.php

// OAUTH (to enable, change to yes and edit)
$enablefb = "no";
$enablegoog = "no";

// "CHANGE THIS" = Replace with your details
// Facebook
define('FB_APP_ID', 'CHANGE THIS'); // Your application ID, see
define('FB_APP_SECRET', 'CHANGE THIS');    // What's your Secret key

// Google 
define('G_Client_ID', 'CHANGE THIS'); // Get a Client ID from
define('G_Client_Secret', 'CHANGE THIS'); // What's your Secret ID
define('G_Redirect_Uri', 'http://urltoyour/installation/oauth/google.php'); // Leave this as is
define('G_Application_Name', 'Paste'); // Make sure this matches the name of your application

Everything else can be configured using the admin panel.


The Paste theme was built using Bootstrap, jQuery and various jQuery plugins for present and future features, but we do try to keep it bloat free. Icons are provided by FontAwesome.


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