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Astra Flex Components

Forked by Josh Tynjala from Astra Flex 1.4. Originally developed by Yahoo! Inc.

Since Yahoo! has no plans to update the Astra projects (Source:, and their most recent release of the Flex components doesn’t work with Flex 4 and newer, I decided to fork the project and make the necessary changes. I worked as an employee at Yahoo! from 2006-2008, and I am one of the original developers of the Astra components. As you can imagine, that means that I understand most of the source code rather well. Rest assured, I intend to uphold the same standards of quality that I tried to achieve with the original releases of the Astra Flex components.

Please note: I have no long-term plans for maintaining or adding to the Astra Flex components beyond ensuring that the existing code works correctly with recent versions of the Flex SDK. If you have feature requests or need any bugs fixed, you may create an issue or vote on an existing one, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond promptly. That said, contributors are certainly welcome, and I’m happy to consider changes that anyone wishes to submit.


The respository is neither owned, maintained, nor endorsed by Yahoo! Inc.


Please be sure to download the SWC rather than using the source code directly. Astra Flex now has a defaults.css for maximum Flex 4 compatibility. The default styles and skins only get included automatically when you link the SWC into your Flex application. If you need to make changes the the source, you should build a new Astra Flex SWC.

Due to changes in Flex 4.5, Astra Flex is no longer compatible with Flex SDK versions below 4.0. If you are using Flex 3.x, I recommend continuing to develop with the most recent version of Astra Flex from the Yahoo! Developer Network.