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Twitter networks visualized with VR
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IoF Visualizer

Internet of Followers (IoF)

Presented by yolo swaggins the second - the official ACM team for the UIowa Big Data Hackathon Fall 2017


As users of the Twitter platform, we were very interested in the way that different communities form and interact. When users cluster into these communities, content is shared between them naturally through different transmissions. Thus, visualizing this information and ultimately seeing how posts are transmitted and spread throughout the network could lead to more information on how to prevent abuse of the system and ways to prevent targeted harassment campaigns. What It Does

What it Does

The IoF allows users to have an innovative VR experience which allows them to delve through the wide-reaching space of Twitter networks. Users will be able to walk firsthand through the follower network and see as clusters form as different users follow each other.

makes use of the Tweepy Twitter API

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