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vim-ember-hbs is a plugin to add Ember Handlebars/HTMLBars syntax highlighting and indentation to Vim. It supports modern Ember Handlebars syntax like {{else if and {{#each-in. An example of the highlighting (and indentation):

Badwolf theme Solarized theme


The easiest way to install vim-ember-hbs is using the amazing Pathogen. Simply copy/paste the following snippet:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Substitute .vim for vimfiles on Windows (in PowerShell).


The plugin defines a number of match groups that can be configured in a file at $HOME/.vim/after/syntax/handlebars.vim. Those groups and there default highlight links are:

Please open an issue, if you are missing one.

hi link hbsBuiltInHelper Function         " all built in helpers like if, else, textarea, input, etc.
hi link hbsKeyword Keyword                " currently the only keyword supported is `as`
hi link hbsOperator Operator              " pencil () and argument =
hi link hbsDelimiter Delimiter            " the || in e.g. `{{#each foo as |bar|}}`
hi link hbsMustacheName Statement         " the name of a mustache `{{my-name`
hi link hbsPencilName Statement           " the name of a pencil `(my-name`
hi link hbsIdentifier Identifier          " everything thats inside a mustache or a pencil and is not a name nor an arg
hi link hbsString String                  " a "string" inside a mustache or a pencil
hi link hbsNumber Number                  " a 0135 number inside a mustache or a pencil
hi link hbsHandles Define                 " The mustaches handles {{
hi link hbsUnescapedHandles Identifier    " A handle with three braces {{{
hi link hbsUnescapedIdentifier Identifier " The identifier inside those {{{
hi link hbsComment Comment                " A comment {{!-- comment --}}
hi link hbsArg Type                       " An argument inside a mustache or a pencil

One can e.g. highlight all unescaped mustaches as Error with

hi link hbsUnescapedIdentifier Error

To also highlight the {{{ as Error, simply add

hi link hbsUnescapedHandles Error


Ember Handlebars/HTMLBars plugin for Vim with indentation support








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