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Jovo Framework

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Jovo Framework

The Open Source Voice Layer: Build Voice Experiences for Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, Web Apps, and much more

    LAUNCH() {
        return this.toIntent('HelloWorldIntent');

    HelloWorldIntent() {
        this.ask('Hello World! What\'s your name?', 'Please tell me your name.');

    MyNameIsIntent() {
        this.tell('Hey ' + this.$ + ', nice to meet you!');

The main features of the Jovo ecosystem are:

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Learn more in our Quickstart Guide.

Install the Jovo CLI:

$ npm install -g jovo-cli

Create a new Jovo project:

# Default: Create new JavaScript project
$ jovo new <directory>

# Alternative: Create new TypeScript project
$ jovo new <directory> --language typescript

Go into project directory and run the Jovo development server:

# Go into project directory (replace <directory> with your folder)
$ cd <directory>

# Run local development server
$ jovo run

# Press "." to open the Jovo Debugger


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We strongly encourage everyone who wants to help the Jovo development take a look at the following resources:

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