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🔈 The React for Voice and Chat: Build Apps for Alexa, Messenger, Instagram, the Web, and more


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Jovo Framework: The React for Voice and Chat Apps

NEWS: We just launched Jovo v4

Jovo Framework

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Build conversational and multimodal experiences for the web, Alexa, Google Assistant, Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Messages, mobile apps, and more. Fully customizable and open source. Works with TypeScript and JavaScript.

export class LoveHatePizzaComponent extends BaseComponent {
  START() {
    return this.$send(YesNoOutput, { message: 'Do you like pizza?' });

  lovesPizza() {
    return this.$send({ message: 'Yes! I love pizza, too.', listen: false });

  hatesPizza() {
    return this.$send({ message: `That's OK! Not everyone likes pizza.`, listen: false });

Getting Started

Learn more in our Getting Started Guide.

Install the Jovo CLI:

$ npm install -g @jovotech/cli

Create a new Jovo project (find the v4 template here):

$ jovo new <directory>

Go into project directory and run the Jovo development server:

# Go into project directory (replace <directory> with your folder)
$ cd <directory>

# Run local development server
$ jovo run

# Press "." to open the Jovo Debugger


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