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Jovo Framework

The development framework for cross-platform voice apps

Documentation - CLI - Sample App - Contributing - Twitter

    'LAUNCH': function() {

    'HelloWorldIntent': function() {
        this.ask('Hello World! What\'s your name?', 'Please tell me your name.');

    'MyNameIsIntent': function(name) {
        this.tell('Hey ' + name.value + ', nice to meet you!');

Jovo is the first open source framework that lets you build voice apps for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with only one code base. Besides cross-platform development, Jovo also offers a variety of integrations and easy prototyping capabilities.

The main features of the Jovo ecosystem are:

  • Jovo Framework: Build voice apps for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Jovo CLI: Create, build, and deploy Jovo projects (including staging)
  • Jovo Webhook: Develop and debug voice apps on your local computer
  • Jovo Debugger: Test and debug voice apps in your browser
  • Jovo Language Model: A consolidated language model that can be converted into Alexa Interaction Models and Dialogflow Agents

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Table of Contents


Read more in our Getting Started Guide.

Install the Jovo CLI:

$ npm install -g jovo-cli

Create a new Jovo project:

$ jovo new <directory>



Basic Concepts

Name Description Docs
Command Line Tools Create and run Jovo projects from your command line πŸ“
Routing Easy routing capabilities for intents and states πŸ“
Data input Deal with user specific data and request parameters (slots and entities) easily πŸ“
Speech and visual output Β  Craft your responses, including speech an visual elements πŸ“

Advanced Features

Name Description Docs
User object Create contextual experiences with user specific data and services πŸ“
Speech Builder Helpful class to create speech output and add variety to your responses πŸ“
i18n Create multilingual voice apps πŸ“
Jovo Persistence Layer Β  Β  Β  Persist user specific data πŸ“
Jovo Analytics Layer Get usage statistics and logging with analytics integrations πŸ“
Staging Create and maintain different environments πŸ“
Plugins Extend the Jovo Framework without having to mess with its core code and architecture πŸ“
Testing Use the Jovo TestSuite to integrate unit tests into your voice app project πŸ“

Platform Specific Features

Jovo is not a common denominator solution. You can access platform specific features for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. See a list of supported features below.


Name Description Docs
Multi-platform handler Β  Β  Β  Β  Add or overwrite specific intents and states for platform specific app logic πŸ“

Amazon Alexa

Name Description Docs
Audioplayer Build Alexa Audioplayer Skills πŸ“
VideoApp Build Alexa VideoApp Skills πŸ“
Alexa Cards Create visual output with home cards for Alexa Skills πŸ“
Alexa Device Address Access users' device location πŸ“
Alexa Lists Access users' To Do and Shopping Lists πŸ“
Alexa Verifier Makes it possible to host your Alexa skill on your own server instead of AWS Lambda πŸ“
Alexa Dialog Interface Use Alexa's Dialog Directives for multi-turn conversations πŸ“
Echo Show Render Templates Display visual elements on Echo Show πŸ“
Progressive Responses Keep your users engaged while processing a longer request πŸ“
Skill Events Get notified when an event (e.g. Skill enabled/disabled) occurs πŸ“
CanFulfillIntentRequest Add name-free interaction to your skill and increase your skill's discoverability πŸ“
Game Engine Provides the toolset to receive Echo Button events πŸ“
Gadget Controller Allows you to control the user's Echo Buttons πŸ“

Google Assistant

Name Description Docs
Google Assistant Cards Β  Β  Β  Create visual Output for the Google Assistant mobile app πŸ“
Suggestion Chips Display buttons to allow your users to quickly reply on mobile phones πŸ“
Location Access your user's location data πŸ“
Media Response Play longform audio πŸ“


The following features are not implemented yet. We appreciate any kind of help and are also happy to assist you, if you have any questions about the core code. You can reach us on Slack.

Platform Feature Docs
Amazon Alexa PlaybackController Interface πŸ“
Β  Notifications πŸ“
Google Action Table Card πŸ“
Β  Transactions πŸ“
Β  Push Notifications πŸ“
Β  Android Link πŸ“


Database Integrations

See the Jovo Persistence Layer for more information on storing user specific data.

Name Description Docs
File Persistence Β  Β  Β  Β  Saves user specific data in JSON file for fast prototyping and development (default) πŸ“
Dynamo DB Saves user specific data in AWS DynamoDB table πŸ“

Analytics Integrations

See the Jovo Analytics Layer for more information on analytics features.

Name Description Docs
Dashbot Chatbot and Voice App Analytics including Usage Metrics, Behavior Flows, and Live Interaction Transcripts πŸ“
Bespoken Analytics Voice App Analytics including Usage Metrics, Logging, and Monitoring πŸ“
Chatbase Voice App Analytics including Usage Metrics, Session Flows and Link Tracking πŸ“
Botanalytics AI powered Chatbot Analytics and Voice Analytics πŸ“

CLI Integrations

See the Jovo CLI Docs for more information on CLI features.

Name Description Docs
bst proxy Β  Β  Β  Β  Proxy service that creates a webhook link for local prototyping, with additional logging and analytics features πŸ“
nodemon Monitor changes and automatically restart the server πŸ“


Find a quickstart guide and comprehensive tutorials here:


We strongly encourage everyone who wants to help the Jovo development take a look at the following resources:

We need your help

Jovo is a free, open source framework for voice developers. We're improving it every day and appreciate any feedback. How to support us? Just go ahead and build something cool with the framework and let us know at Thanks!