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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jul 24, 2021. It is now read-only.


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Conch UI

Screenshot of Conch UI

This repository contains all source needed to build the Web UI for the Conch API service.

See the Design Document for information regarding UI design and development decisions.


Yarn is required for building this project. Yarn will automatically install dependencies before executing build commands.

GNU make is used for make commands.


To develop the Conch UI:

  1. Start a local instance of the Conch API in a separate shell using make morbo in the Conch repo. This will start Conch in development mode on port 5001.

  2. Run make start in this repo to launch a hot-reloading server and open a browser window to it.

Alternatively, run make watch in this directory to start an auto-compiling process, which will raise errors and warnings without a hot-reloading server. No running Conch instance is needed for this to work.

Build for Production

Copy src/config.js to config.js Edit config.js and assign the conchApi to the HTTP/S URI of the Conch API host the UI will issues requests against. This server must have CORS headers configured appropriately or be served at the same host as the API.

Run 'make build'. All web assets, including HTML, Javascript, CSS, images, and dependencies, will output into dist/. You can serve this directory statically using a proxy like nginx.