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unix: fix a compiler warning

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erickt authored and bnoordhuis committed Sep 10, 2011
1 parent 9700181 commit 905fe7134153164bc7ae633250ee7511edb81e26
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  1. +1 −1 src/unix/fs.c
@@ -504,11 +504,11 @@ static int _futime(const uv_file file, double atime, double mtime) {

int uv_fs_futime(uv_loop_t* loop, uv_fs_t* req, uv_file file, double atime,
double mtime, uv_fs_cb cb) {
#if defined(HAVE_FUTIMES)
const char* path = NULL;

uv_fs_req_init(loop, req, UV_FS_FUTIME, path, cb);

#if defined(HAVE_FUTIMES)
WRAP_EIO(UV_FS_FUTIME, eio_futime, _futime, ARGS3(file, atime, mtime))
uv_err_new(loop, ENOSYS);

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