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Small app to log your current public IP
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This small application use this service to discover your current IP. Logs are organized in YYYY/MM/DD.log structure.


~/ipmon$ tree
└── 2017
    └── 12
        ├── 06.log
        └── 07.log

Log structure:

2017-12-07 00:20:30 |ERROR| Get read tcp> read: connection reset by peer
2017-12-07 00:25:01 |INFO|


Using other services that return json with ip_addr field is possible. However field name is fixed.

$ iptracker -help
Usage of iptracker:
  -path string
        path to save logs (default "$HOME/ipmon")
  -url string
        URL to get IP address (default "")


Default installation will build and move binary to $HOME/bin folder. Use with care.

One could install this application using:

make install

To build only use:

make build

Output is saved in ./bin directory.

Example cron configuration

Use command crontab -e. You NEED to specify full path to binary. With this configuration cron will run every 5 minutes.

*/5 * * * * /<your_full_path_to_home_dir>/bin/iptracker
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