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Niftier Generators (not really)

A collection of useful Rails generator scripts for scaffolding, layout files, authentication, and more.


Rails 3

Add the gem to your Gemfile.

gem "niftier-generators", :group #> :development

Then you can run any of the included generators.

rails g niftier:scaffold Recipe name:string index new

Rails 2

First install the gem.

gem install niftier-generators

The generators will be available in all Rails applications. To run the generator, go to your rails project directory and call it using the script/generate or script/destroy command.

script/generate niftier_scaffold Recipe name:string index new

Note an underscore is used instead of a colon for the Rails 2 generators.

Included Generators

  • niftier:layout: generates generic layout, stylesheet, and helper files.
  • niftier:scaffold: generates a controller and optional model/migration.
  • niftier:authentication: generates user model with sign up and log in.
  • niftier:setup: generates misc files such as .rvmrc, gitignore, rake tasks, etc...

To view the README for each generator, run it with the +help+ option.

rails g niftier:layout --help

Troubleshooting and FAQs

What is the difference between niftier:scaffold and built-in scaffold?

One of the primary differences is that niftier:scaffold allows you to choose which controller actions to generate.

rails g niftier:scaffold post name:string index new edit

There are a few changes to the generated code as well, such as no XML format by default.

It also offers support for HAML, Shoulda, and RSpec.

I get "undefined method 'title'" error.

Try running niftier:layout, that will generate this helper method. Or you can just change the templates to whatever approach you prefer for setting the title.

I can't set new attributes in my model.

Add the attribute to the attr_accessible line in the model.

I get "undefined method 'root_url'" error.

Some generators default redirecting to the root_url. Set this in your routes.rb file like this (substituting your controller name).

root :to #> "home#index"

I get a missing database error.

Run rake db:migrate.

I get a routing error when I try to submit a form.

Try restarting your development server. Sometimes it doesn't detect the change in the routing.

The tests/specs don't work.

Make sure you have mocha installed and require it in your spec/test helper.

  gem install mocha

  # in spec_helper.rb
  config.mock_with :mocha

  # in test_helper.rb
  require 'mocha'

Also, make sure you're using Rails 2.1 or greater.

Found a bug?

If you are having a problem with Niftier Generators, first look at the FAQs above. If you still cannot resolve it, please submit an issue here.


If you want to contribute to this project, you can download the Git repository and get the Cucumber features running by calling +bundle+ then +rake+. I normally develop this using Ruby 1.9.2 however it should work with 1.8.7 as well.

The Rails 3 generators are located under lib/generators and are tested with Cucumber. The older Rails 2 generators are under rails_generators and are tested with Shoulda under the test directory.


This is just a modified version of Ryan Bates original nifty-generators


Copyright (c) 2011 Jose Pablo Barrantes


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