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An IBM Model M USB Teensy-based Codable Keyboard Adapter with Arduino Source Code
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Terminal J is an IBM Model M USB keyboard adapter that runs on Teensy 3.2 and includes with Arduino Source Code. Every key is hackable. This is bold


  • IBM_Keyboard_Model_M_Using_Interrupts_V11_Cali.ino
  • PS2Keyboard.h
By: J. Pagliaccio


  • Teensy to Ethernet Adapter
  • GND – (Ethernet 6) GND
  • Pin 2 – (Ethernet 5) CLK
  • Pin 3 – (Ethernet 4) Data
  • VIN – (Ethernet  3) 5V


  • When you setup your Teensy, be sure to select USB Type: "Keyboard".
  • On the Ethernet jack, 1, 2, 7, and 8 are not used
  • Also Pin 2 and 3 may be reversed in the RJ45 in case yours is different.
Many thanks to the Arduino and Teensy folks, and the authors of the PS2 library. We love the Teensy and look forward to doing more projects with it.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

This post is also at: Wordpress, Google, GitHub.

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