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remove reference to pvalues

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1 parent ccbac8f commit e6f41f6ff4794f0431572db2bcdf84c529c885c5 @jpalmucci committed Aug 28, 2009
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2 future.lisp
@@ -186,13 +186,11 @@ evaluated values. Blocks if a future is still running."
(push e cur-chunk)
(incf cur-count)))
(cond ((>= cur-count chunk-size)
- (jp:pvalues cur-count chunk-size)
(push cur-chunk chunks)
(setq cur-chunk nil
cur-count (- cur-count chunk-size)))))
(cond (cur-chunk
(push cur-chunk chunks)))
- (jp:pvalues chunk-size chunks)
;;evaluate the chunks in child processes
(let ((results (get-future-value

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