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This node module converts colors between CMYK, Lab, XYZ, RGB, HSL, HSV, and Hex colorspaces. Colorvert uses the transicc node module to provide ICC profile-based color conversions between several color spaces. If you only need conversions between ICC profiles (CMYK, Lab, XYZ, and RGB), look to that module.

For a JSON HTTP API: Check out the colorvert-api node module. It uses this module and express to serve HTTP endpoints that convert the input color to all other colorspaces. It's ideal for batch color conversions.

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Installation Requirements

You must first install LittleCMS, an open source library written mostly in C for converting colors using ICC profiles. This shell script will get you there.

git clone
cd Little-CMS
make check 
sudo make install

Once you've installed that dependency, you're ready to install colorvert and get goin'!

npm install colorvert --save

Quick Examples

var cvert = require( "colorvert" );

// CMYK, XYZ, and Lab-based conversions require
// you to provide a callback function.
cvert.cmyk_to_rgb( 100, 0, 0, 0, function( err, rgb ){
	console.log( rgb );

// RGB, HSL, HSV, and hex conversions simply 
// return values.
var hex = cvert.rgb_to_hex( 0, 172, 236 );

Single Conversion

If you only need to convert from one color to another, just include that specific conversion module - it'll keep node from caching extra modules it won't need. Here's an example:

var cmyk_to_hex = require( "colorvert/cmyk/hex" );

cmyk_to_hex( 100, 0, 0, 0, function( err, hex ){
	console.log( hex );

CMYK, Lab & XYZ Conversions

These conversions require us to use the transicc node module that interacts with a command line utility. As a result, we have to wait for the response before doing anything with it, so you must provide a callback when converting to or from any of these formats. Here's an example:

cvert.cmyk_to_rgb( 100, 0, 0, 0, function( err, rgb ){
	console.log( rgb );

Math-only Conversions

If you're converting between RGB, HSL, HSV, or hex, the functions will simply return the value for you to use right away. Here's how that'll look.

var hex = cvert.rgb_to_hex( 0, 146, 210 );
console.log( hex );

Convert to ALL Other Colorspaces

Each of the colorspaces includes a module that converts to all other colorspaces. As a bonus, the output will also include the hex code of the inverted color, and will suggest the most readable text color to display over the input color. Use it like so:

cvert.cmyk_to_all( 100, 0, 0, 0, function( err, all ){
	console.log( all );
		"cmyk": {
			"c": "100",
			"m": "0",
			"y": "0",
			"k": "0"
		"lab": {
			"l": 59,
			"a": -37,
			"b": -49
		"hex": "#00a0e0",
		"hex_inverted": "#ff5f1f",
		"hex_readable": "#ffffff",
		"hsl": {
			"h": 197,
			"s": 100,
			"l": 43
		"hsv": {
			"h": 197,
			"s": 100,
			"v": 87
		"rgb": {
			"r": 0,
			"g": 160,
			"b": 224
		"xyz": {
			"x": 52,
			"y": 71,
			"z": 197

Warning! :)

This module has been pretty reliable during all my tests and with everything I've thrown at it. That said, I haven't written tests for everything yet, so be sure to test it in your environment and with your input - if you find any issues, please post them on Github or submit a pull request!


A node module that provides both math-based and ICC profile-based color conversions. Aims to provide accurate conversions between CMYK, Lab, XYZ, RGB, HSL, HSV, and Hex colorspaces.




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