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welcome to emerald!

emerald is pretty simple. I just made it mainly to combine three of my favorite color tools — monochrome, contrast-ratio, and coolors.

you can install this, by the way. it's a pwa — get it at

things I'll be adding in the coming months / weeks:

  • palette exporting (as images, css, scss)
  • sharing color combinations through url params (easy enough)
  • full palette generation and randomization (a feature that coolors has)...coming soon
  • preview extra shades of current colors
  • more compact view for sliders
  • drag / drop to move pigments around in a palette (rly hard :(...)
  • refactor my filthy, nasty scss
  • settings (exclude certain color ranges, change randomization parameters...?)
  • show approximate css color name even if the css color isn't exactly the same (this is what I'm having trouble with, but sort of works)
  • refactor my gross javascript (looking at you, palette handler script)
  • add accessibility features such as simpler keyboard controls
  • there are issues with re-rendering the palette export canvas at certain viewport breakpoints that I literally have no clue how to fix and I can't tell what's causing them. I might fix those someday
  • make another color preview box that shows a nearby wcag aaa color combination
  • refactoring to use webpack
  • just make it nicer to use on a phone (ugh)
  • you should be able to type in the hex value
  • add more comments
  • improve gradient palette generation
  • add ability to generate entire palette from two colors
  • add palette generation settings: contrast ratio maximum, exclusion range

patch notes: v0110 03092019

  • added more compact sliders
  • fixed the look of the palettes
  • made it easier to figure out where palettes are
  • added randomization params (set contrast ratio range)
  • added color swap button
  • added palette operations: naming, deleting...exporting coming soon
  • added color shade preview: shows 12 alternative shades of the current colors and their hex codes

patch notes: v0111 10132019

  • added palette exporting. current options: image, css, scss
  • made sliders prettier and other ui improvements
  • added the ability to share color combinations through url. syntax: (pass colors as hex values). maybe entire palettes are next?
  • improved performance
  • improved layout on smaller screens
  • added undo / redo buttons (stores previous color combinations) ((beta))
  • added dark mode and set it on by default
  • clicking on "add palette" no longer creates a palette with one empty pigment in it
  • color palettes and settings like dark / light mode now persist through reloads via localstorage

patch notes: v0112

  • fixed the palette controller that was giving me grey hairs

patch notes: v0113

  • emerald's interface now looks nicer on small little laptop screens (think <= 1380px)
  • fixed weird bug where if you exported a palette it would sometimes generate css variables for the wrong colors
  • fixed bug where the fancy color name would appear in the colorfield while exporting a palette
  • fixed bug where the "press space to randomize" text would sometimes be the wrong color
  • fixed issue in firefox where you can't export color palettes as images because firefox was blocking the image download prompt

patch notes: v0114 09202019

  • fixed an issue with palette exporting

patch notes: v0115

  • added ability to enter hex colors manually
  • fixed (final? please?) bug with palette creation
  • layout improvements
  • fixed bug with color names getting messed up after trying to export a palette
  • added palette generation button (that's a surprise tool that can help us later)

patch notes: v0116

  • added full palette generation
  • added palette generation types: gradient, monochrome, and analogous (wip)
  • added generation parameters: color amount and modification factor (affects amount of hue / saturation shifting done during palette generation)

patch notes: v0117

  • improved all palette generation by making palettes over five pigments stay in one palette instead of overflowing to two palettes


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