JavaFX version of the classic game 'Fifteen', for desktop and for Android devices
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JavaFX version of the classic game 'Fifteen', for Android devices

It's a multilevel game, starting from 3x3 grid, the goal is sort the tiles (from left to right, top to bottom), by moving them to the only available gap on the grid.

After each puzzle is solved, a new game starts with, increasing the size of the grid.

JavaFX Game

Based on the game 2048FX engine - Bruno Borges and José Pereda

Inspired on the Fifteen game version from Toni Epple

Android Version

JavaFX ported to Android with JavaFXPorts


In your Android device, go to Settings->Security, allow Unknown Sources

Download the APK file from here and install.

Play the game by clicking in the icon 'FifteenFX'. Move the tiles with swipe gestures. By a long touch on the screen a context menu will appear allowing:

  • Save the game
  • Restore a previous saved game
  • Pause the game (resuming or trying again)
  • Try again
  • Quit the game

It works both in portrait and in landscape orientations.

Snapshot of the app


This is an initial version created to test a JavaFX application on Android devices using JavaFXPorts, so it may contain some bugs, that should be reported creating issues. Pull requests or feature requests are welcome.

@JPeredaDnr 2015