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+Django on DotCloud
+This code shows how to run a very simple Django application on DotCloud.
+It is fully functional, in the sense that you don't have any hand-editing
+to do to deploy it: it automatically deploys a PostgreSQL database,
+includes it in ````, creates a superuser for you, and uses
+Django 1.3 ``collectstatic``. *Batteries Included!*
+To run this code on DotCloud, you need a `DotCloud account
+<>`_ (free tier available).
+Then clone this repository, and push it to DotCloud::
+ git clone git://
+ $ cd django
+ $ dotcloud push hellodjango
+Happy hacking! Remember: each time you modify something, you need to
+git add + git commit your changes before doing ``dotcloud push``.
+This repository is also a step-by-step tutorial: each commit corresponds
+to one step, with the commit message providing explanations.
+You can view the whole tutorial, and the modified files at each step,
+with at least three different methods:
+* by using GitHub's awesome `compare view
+ <>`_:
+ you will see the list of commits involved in the tutorial, and by
+ clicking on each individual commit, you will see the file modifications
+ for this step;
+* by running ``git log --patch --reverse begin..end`` in your local
+ repository, for a text-mode equivalent (with the added benefit of being
+ available offline!);
+* by browsing a more `traditional version
+ <>`_ on DotCloud's
+ documentation website.
+You can also learn more by diving into `DotCloud documentations
+<>`_, especially the one for the `Python service
+<>`_ which is used by this app.

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