A client library for the Music Player Daemon, compatible with OpenResty and Luasocket
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Instantiating a client

client = mpd.new()

Returns a new MPD client object

ok, err = client:connect(url)

Connects to MPD, supports tcp and unix socket connections.

The URL should be in one of two formats:

  • tcp://host:port
  • unix:/path/to/socket

ok, err = client:close()

Implemented Protocol Functions

For details on each of these functions, see the MPD proto docs: https://www.musicpd.org/doc/protocol/command_reference.html

ok, err = client:clearerror()

Clears any current error message

res, err = client:currentsong()

Returns a table about the current song. In the case of an error, returns nil and an object describing the error.

event, err = client:idle(...)

Waits until MPD emits a noteworthy change. You can specify a list of events you're interested in, or leave blank for all events.

The events:

  • database
  • update
  • stored_playlist
  • playlist
  • player
  • mixer
  • output
  • options
  • sticker
  • subscription
  • message

res, err = client:status()

res, err = client:stats()

boolean, err = client:consume(boolean)

duration, err = client:crossfade(duration)

db, err = client:mixrampdb(db)

duration, err = client:mixrampdelay(duration)

boolean, err = client:random(boolean)

boolean, err = client:_repeat(boolean)

volume, err = client:setvol(volume)

boolean, err = client:single(boolean)

mode, err = client:replay_gain_mode(mode)

status, err = client:replay_gain_status()

ok, err = client:_next()

boolean, err = client:pause(boolean)

ok, err = client:play([pos])

ok, err = client:playid([id])

ok, err = client:previous()

ok, err = client:seek(songpos, time)

ok, err = client:seekid(songid, time)

ok, err = client:seekcur(time)

ok, err = client:stop()

ok, err = client:add(uri)

ok, err = client:addid(uri,position)

ok, err = client:clear()

ok, err = client:_delete(pos, [end])

ok, err = client:deleteid(songid)

ok, err = client:move(start, end | to, [to])

ok, err = client:moveid(from, to)

res, err = client:playlistfind(tag, needle)

res, err = client:playlistid(id)

res, err = client:playlistinfo([pos],[end])

res, err = client:playlistsearch(tag, needle)

res, err = client:plchanges(version, [start], [end])

ok, err = client:prio(priority, [start], [end], ...)

ok, err = client:prioid(priority, id, ... id+)

ok, err = client:rangeid(id, [start], [end])

ok, err = client:shuffle([start], [end])

ok, err = client:swap(song1, song2)

ok, err = client:swapid(song1, song2)

ok, err = client:addtagid(id, tag, value)

ok, err = client:cleartagid(id, [tag])

res, err = client:listplaylist(name)

res, err = client:listplaylistinfo(name)

res, err = client:listplaylists()

ok, err = client:load(name, [start], [end])

ok, err = client:playlistadd(name, uri)

ok, err = client:playlistclear(name)

ok, err = client:playlistdelete(name, pos)

ok, err = client:playlistmove(name, from, to)

ok, err = client:rename(name, newname)

ok, err = client:rm(name)

ok, err = client:save(name)

ok, err = client:password(password)

ok, err = client:ping()

ok, err = client:kill()

res, err = client:count(...)

res, err = client:find(...)

res, err = client:findadd(...)

res, err = client:list(type,...)

res, err = client:listfiles([uri])

res, err = client:lsinfo([uri])

res, err = client:readcomments([uri])

res, err = client:search(...)

res, err = client:searchadd(...)

res, err = client:searchaddpl(playlist, ...)

res, err = client:update([uri])

res, err = client:rescan([uri])

res, err = client:sticker(...)

id, err = client:disableoutput(id)

id, err = client:enableoutput(id)

id, err = client:toggleoutput(id)

res, err = client:outputs()

res, err = client:config()

res, err = client:commands()

res, err = client:notcommands()

res, err = client:tagtypes()

res, err = client:urlhandlers()

res, err = client:decoders()

ok, err = client:mount(path,uri)

ok, err = client:unmount(path)

res, err = client:listmounts()

res, err = client:listneighbors()

ok, err = client:subscribe(name)

ok, err = client:unsubscribe(name)

res, err = client:channels()

res, err = client:readmessages()

ok, err = client:sendmessage(name, message)


MIT license (see LICENSE)