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Super bad-ass dotfiles for any Ruby/Rails/Git/OSX user.
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bash_profile.d Switch to using the new Docker beta, no more docker-machine! Apr 14, 2016
irbrc.d Prevent setup_custom_irb_prompt from raising an exception under pry. Jan 26, 2016
railsrc.d Disabling sql logging by default. Too noisy. Aug 24, 2011
.gitignore Basic git ignore file. May 26, 2010 Markdown time! Jan 22, 2016
Rakefile Automatically setup pry like irb. Jan 26, 2016
ackrc Adding joshaclayton's ackrc! Aug 7, 2009
aprc Using awesome_print for irb default output. Sep 23, 2010
bash_profile Fix some minor warnings, also g{p and g}b work! Mar 20, 2016
gemrc Update default ruby gems sources to be secure. Aug 1, 2015
gitconfig Better branch behavior. Jan 29, 2014
gitignore Ignoring redcar project files. May 15, 2011
inputrc Adding history cursoring using up/down arrows. Apr 5, 2009
pryrc Automatically setup pry like irb. Jan 26, 2016
railsrc Graceful handing of rails root not being detectable. Jun 18, 2011

Just my current dotfiles... exciting, eh?

Symlink all the dotfiles into the appropriate locations:

rake install
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