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Updated Rakefile to mirror the functionality of the Makefile
The Rakefile now supports all the functionality of the Makefile
including only rebuilding files when dependent files change.

To see availible tasks, run:

    rake -T
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dcneiner authored and wycats committed Jun 20, 2010
1 parent ef8df7f commit 3e1ac2aaac0a99a7c1078e8dc76898346daf5d54
Showing 1 changed file with 102 additions and 17 deletions.
119 Rakefile
@@ -1,26 +1,111 @@
# Basic Rakefile for building jQuery
files = [ "intro", "core", "support", "data", "queue", "event", "selector", "traversing", "attributes", "manipulation", "css", "ajax", "effects", "offset", "dimensions", "outro" ]
prefix = File.dirname( __FILE__ )

date = `git log -1 | grep Date: | sed 's/[^:]*: *//'`.gsub(/\n/, "")
version = `cat version.txt`.gsub(/\n/, "")
# Directory variables
src_dir = File.join( prefix, 'src' )
build_dir = File.join( prefix, 'build' )
test_dir = File.join( prefix, 'test' )

task :default => :jquery
# A different destination directory can be set by
# setting DIST_DIR before calling rake
dist_dir = ENV['DIST_DIR'] || File.join( prefix, 'dist' )

task :init do
sh "if test ! -d test/qunit; then git clone git:// test/qunit; fi"
sh "if test ! -d src/sizzle; then git clone git:// src/sizzle; fi"
sh "cd src/sizzle && git pull origin master &> /dev/null"
sh "cd test/qunit && git pull origin master &> /dev/null"
base_files = %w{intro core support data queue attributes event selector traversing manipulation css ajax effects offset dimensions outro}.map { |js| File.join( src_dir, "#{js}.js" ) }

# Sizzle, QUnit and jQuery files/dirs
sizzle_dir = File.join( src_dir, "sizzle" )
sizzle = File.join( sizzle_dir, "sizzle.js" )
selector = File.join( src_dir, "selector.js" )

qunit_dir = File.join( test_dir, "qunit" )
qunit = File.join( qunit_dir, "qunit", "qunit.js" )

jq = File.join( dist_dir, "jquery.js" )
jq_min = File.join( dist_dir, "jquery.min.js" )

# General Variables
date = `git log -1 | grep Date: | sed 's/[^:]*: *//'`.strip
version = File.join( prefix, 'version.txt' ) ).strip

# Build tools
rhino = "java -jar #{build_dir}/js.jar"
minfier = "java -jar #{build_dir}/google-compiler-20091218.jar"

# Turn off output other than needed from `sh` and file commands

# Tasks
task :default => "jquery"

desc "Builds jQuery; Tests with JSLint; Minifies jQuery"
task :all => [:jquery, :lint, :min] do
puts "jQuery build complete."

desc "Builds jQuery: jquery.js (Default task)"
task :jquery => [:selector, jq]

desc "Builds a minified version of jQuery: jquery.min.js"
task :min => jq_min

task :init => [sizzle, qunit] do
puts "Updating SizzleJS with latest..."
sh "cd #{sizzle_dir} && git pull origin master &> /dev/null"

puts "Updating QUnit with latest..."
sh "cd #{qunit_dir} && git pull origin master &> /dev/null"

task :jquery => [:init, :selector] do
sh "mkdir -p dist"
desc "Removes dist folder, selector.js, and Sizzle/QUnit"
task :clean do
puts "Removing Distribution directory: #{dist_dir}..."
rm_r dist_dir

puts "Removing built copy of Sizzle..."
rm_r selector

puts "Removing cloned directories..."
rm_r qunit_dir
rm_r sizzle_dir

desc "Rebuilds selector.js from SizzleJS"
task :selector => [:init, selector]

desc "Tests built jquery.js against JSLint"
task :lint => jq do
puts "Checking jQuery against JSLint..."
sh "#{rhino} #{build_dir}/jslint-check.js"

# File and Directory Dependencies
directory dist_dir

file jq => [dist_dir, base_files].flatten do
puts "Building jquery.js..."
sh "cat #{base_files.join(' ')} | sed 's/Date:./&#{date}/' | sed s/@VERSION/#{version}/ > #{jq}"

file jq_min => jq do
puts "Building jquery.min.js..."

sh "head -15 #{jq} > #{jq_min}"
sh "#{minfier} --js #{jq} --warning_level QUIET >> #{jq_min}"

file selector => [sizzle] do
puts "Building selector code from Sizzle..."
sh "sed '/EXPOSE/r #{src_dir}/sizzle-jquery.js' #{sizzle} > #{selector}"

sh "cat " + {|file| "src/" + file + ".js"}.join(" ") +
" | sed 's/Date:./&" + date + "/' | " +
" sed s/@VERSION/" + version + "/ > dist/jquery.js"
file sizzle do
puts "Retrieving SizzleJS from Github..."
sh "git clone git:// #{sizzle_dir}"

task :selector do
sh "sed '/EXPOSE/r src/sizzle-jquery.js' src/sizzle/sizzle.js > src/selector.js"
file qunit do
puts "Retrieving SizzleJS from Github..."
sh "git clone git:// #{qunit_dir}"

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