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The professional RSS enclosure downloader.

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  • Should run on recent python (2.7.x) (ideally 2.7 latest stable)
  • Lets you reference feeds based on user defined aliases [ex: "trms", "maddow"]
  • Supports OPML.
  • Supports various downloads methods: requests, urlgrabber (pycurl based)
  • Cross-platform folder support, progress meter for UNIX operating systems, but only works on windows if you enable Termios support.
  • Tells you when a download is done (OSD-notify, Growl, Growl for Windows)
  • A fun assassin theme

hitman jacket

Basic usage

Add a feed. add

Alias it. alias "Democracy Now! Video" dn

Download latest enclosures (episodes) of every feed.

Import your RSS feeds (via OPML) import myfeeds.opml

New in 1.2

  • 2.7 only! (lets us do multi "withs", would accept pull request to add 2.6 support back)
  • moving from raw dbm use to shelve
  • use requests, pypi for all deps