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@jrbudda jrbudda released this Nov 24, 2017 · 92 commits to master since this release

LAN play is now supported with animations!

Yes! Finally LAN play has animation support just like the server plugins!

  • Either Vivecraft or the Non-VR companion client can act as host.
  • Animations and VR positioning is fully supported.
  • Works with Forge too!
  • Correctly handles VR issues like enderman aggro, creeper radius, teleporting, etc. But does not have the same configurability of the server plugins.
  • Supports the Patreon Rewards

VR Data Code Overhaul

Rewrote how VR and Minecraft positioning data interact: this has opened the path to the following improvements:

  • Smooth Rotation: you can turn the 'rotation increment' slider all the way down to 'smooth' now. I nearly threw up no less than 3 times bringing you this feature. It's fixed-speed for now, but expect variable speed in the future if you have the rotate button mapped to something with an axis.
  • Vehicles
    • You are no longer 'locked' into a vehicle. When you board or mount one, you will be moved to it but then you are free to peer over the side or walk away from it. Remember you must press 'sneak' (left grip) to dismount.
    • A new 'Vehicle Rotation' option has been added and is on by default, Vehicles that you do not directly control (minecarts, boats, unsaddled horses) will rotate your view as they turn. I have been wanting to get this working for a long while now and I am super happy about it.
    • Controllable, living mounts, like saddled horses have much better cosmetic display and rotation based on your actions.
    • Roomscale Rowing is now much nicer (and yes, I finally caved in and made it row the way you're looking, let's just call it a magic rowboat)
    • Firing a bow or other projectile while mounted and/or moving should now always fire in the expected direction and has a much lower chance of accidentally hitting the mount.
  • GUIs
    • Gui's should now always render in the right place and not fly away if you change scale or rotation. Look for a GUI/HUD scaling option in the near future.
    • Vanilla GUI's should no longer be sensitive to the size of the desktop window. I cannot say the same for Forge mod GUIs. If you play modded best to leave the window at default size (1280x720), or at the very least at a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Climbing
    • Vines are actually roomscale-climbable now as they were always supposed to be.
    • You can now climb sideways on ladders and vines and you will be slightly pulled towards them when you start climbing so you don't get stuck just a little too far away to comfortably climb.
    • Collision detection for ladders and vines is now much better, you should accidentally let go much less often. Pro Tip: Hold 'sneak' while climbing and you won't fall even if you let go.
    • Getting off at the top of blocks is now a little easier.
    • Collisions while climbing no longer stop you dead, you will still move in any other unobstructed directions and you will get a light buzz in your controllers to indicate your grip is slipping.

VR Input Re-work

  • Switch from old state-driven code to proper fancy event-driven code. This means absolutely nothing to the player assuming its working correctly.
  • New binding menu to map MC functions to one, or several, controller buttons.
  • Can switch touchpads between several different split modes with up to 8 buttons per pad.

Other new or changed stuff

  • Update to Forge 2252. Maybe selectable builds in the future.
  • Experiment with a different, newer java garbage collector. if you find the game pauses on a regular interval, usually every 10-60 seconds when it did not before. You may want to try reverting to the previous garbage collector. To do this, edit your JVM args in the advanced profile settings in the launcher and replace XX:+UseG1GC with
    -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn256M
  • Better MultiMC compatibility. Vivecraft can be installed directly to a MultiMC instance. See for instructions.
  • Rework of the VR Settings menu. Moved all the 'Roomscale' options to the 'VR Interactions..." menu to free up space in the locomotion menu. Removed some non-functional options. Made 'HUD Transparency' option work.
  • Backpack switching changes:
    • Can now be toggled on and off in the VR Interactions menu.
    • Left hand function has changed since it was not working correctly server-side. Doing the backpack motion with the left hand now swaps items between your hands. Right hand still switches to/from slot 1.
  • the openvr native dll's are unpacked on-demand now, allows us to update them in the future without breaking older installed versions
  • Add blue tint while underwater. Reduce Walkabout darkness tint.
  • HUD/GUI and Crosshair rendering changes
    • These elements should now respond to the local brightness level.
    • Neither should ever be too bright or dark to use.
    • Both should now interact sensibly with water and your hands while following their respective occlusion setting.
    • These features should work with, and without, shader packs.
    • Note the shoulds.

Fixes for bugs I will admit to

  • Fix JEI not responding to mouse clicks, possibly fix other Forge GUI issues.
  • Fix 'shift' getting stuck on if you closed a GUI with it pressed.
  • Fix crash with JustTheTips mod.
  • Fix some glitchy bits with VR player rendering.
  • Fix some transparency issues while sneaking or attacking. Sneaking now causes both arms and the HUD to go slightly transparent.
  • Fix clicking on the Mojang copyright on the main menu sending you to an inescapable hell of eternal credit scroll.
  • Fix a virtual 'esc' not being sent when pressing the menu button for Touch users.
  • Fix the crosshair in seated mode drifting down if the window vertical resolution was odd.
  • Fix joy/pad movement setting affecting the game while in teleport mode.
  • Fix Roomscale rowing being active while aiming a bow
  • Fix Roomscale mining being active with a sword equipped.

RC2 Update (11/24/2017 7PM EST)

  • Add experimental Windows MR controller-specific controller type and options
  • Fix a significant shader bug.

RC3 Update (11/26/2017 12PM EST)

  • Fix crash on load if steamvr fails to initialize.
  • Fix vehicle rotation being forced on.
  • Switch back to old garbage collector flags since reports are not good.
  • More fixes for Windows MR controllers. Add stick deadzone setting.

RC4 Update (11/29/2017 8PM EST)

  • Fix 'walk multiplier from doing very strange things.
  • Fix Mixed Reality cam mode.
  • Fix extended block reach distance from Forge mods not working.
  • Movement is now analog if the 'walk forward' button is mapped to something that is, in fact, analog (trigger, joystick, etc)
  • Autojump now defaults to off. This will be replaced shortly.
  • Misc fixes to keybinding code.

RC5 Update (12/4/2017 3AM EST)

  • Many fixes to analog movement mode. Now applies to all 4 bindings (forwards, backwards, left right). Also can now be toggled off in settings. Also now uses configurable deadzone. You should still use joy/pad mode if you want full analog control tho.
  • Fix seated mode.
  • Fix some crashes
  • Fix profiler not showing up
  • Fix some more minor gui issues.
  • Update included Forge to

Final (12/4/2017 10AM)

  • Fix few last little movement bugs.

R1 Update (12/4/2017 10PM)

  • Fix some height issues using the NONVR client.

R2 Update (12/8/2017 7AM)

  • Fix bows shooting backwards in seated mode.
  • Allow roomscale archery with bow equipped in offhand slot. In this case you must manually equip an arrow in the main hand.
  • Add press-to-bind function for controller mapping.
  • Better sync mining/placing reach distance with server.

R3 Update (12/18/2017 6PM)

  • Fix crash if 'chat' button was bound to mouse.
  • try some maybe better default JVM args to combat GC stuttering.
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