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Releases: jrbudda/Vivecraft_112

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v11 - A Multicultural Extravaganza

16 Aug 02:24
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Update 11/11/2021

  • Support Microsoft Store launcher

r5 (VR only) (6/27/2021)

  • Fix external devices such as treadmills

r4 (4/25/2021)

  • Fix installer on Java 16 and Forge download.

r2 (9/1/2020)

  • Fix Optifine crash with Forge and

Initial Release (8/15/2020)

  • New Index Controller Defaults. See here
  • New Localization including French, Spanish, and Dutch. If you'd like to help translate see here.
  • Added 'Room-relative' free movement option for 180 or seated players.
  • Minor tweaks to roomscale mining.
  • Added physical keyboard scale setting.
  • Fix some Forge bugs. (and crash with futuremc)
  • Hopefully improve linux compatiblity
  • Fix installer not working on java14.

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v10 - Monsanto's Finest

16 Apr 01:28
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--This version uses SteamVR Input--

r3 (7/29/2020)

  • Potential workaround for Linux issues.

r2 (6/30/2020)

r1 (4/22/2020)

  • Fix third-person mirror camera direction.

Initial Release (4/15/2020)

  • Fixed clicking on some GUI elements (chat links) with fullscreen window. This was a large internal change and hopefully did not break anything.
  • Fix 'look override' which may have been causing some odd behavior with server-side mod code.
  • Round up of small fixes from the 1.15 update
    • Mirror mode can be cycled with F5 at any time (instead of just in-game with no screen open)
    • Added Cropped mirror mode
    • Mirror mode name shown on the mirror.
    • All previously mandatory SVRI actions are now suggested

NonVR 9r3 (6/30/2020)

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v9 - Frontier Psychiatrist

11 Jul 05:25
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--This version uses SteamVR Input--
--You will need to reconfigure your controllers--

Beta Notes (VR) (7/11/2019)
  • Initial Beta (7/11/2019)

    • Convert all controller handling to SteamVR Input
    • New controller defaults for all vr systems
    • Controller config is now done thru the SteamVR Dashboard (includes mod keybinds)
    • Steam itself must be running to save edited controls.
  • Beta 5 (7/14/2019)

    • Fix corrupting 1.13+ keybindings.
    • Minor other fixes
  • Beta 6 (7/14/2019)

    • Fix crash changing dimensions
  • Beta 7 (7/15/2019)

    • Fix movement bug with vive wands and leaving the ground
    • Provide 'reversed hands' controller bindings. Requires game restart.
  • Beta 8 (7/17/2019)

    • Force ipv4 in installer harder.
Release Notes (VR) (7/23/2019)
  • Fix movement drift on joystick controllers with analog movement off
  • Fix backpack gesture on non-vive controllers
  • Fix crash with Vics Modern Warfare
Revision 1 Notes (VR) (7/24/2019)
  • Fix rare crash with non-english languages and non-standard game directories
Revision 2 Notes (VR) (8/2/2019)
  • Fix right controller not working on pointer-style keyboard
  • Fix autosprint settings not saving.
Revision 3 Notes (VR) (8/16/2019)
  • Experimental fix for forge keybinds that open a screen but require being held.
  • All forge keybinds are now put in the Global action set in case they need to be used with a gui open (JEI, etc). You may need to rebind your Forge keys.
  • Use torso for player position instead of hmd.
  • adjustments to climbey jump, less deadly now.
  • fix climbey walljump not activating.
  • Climbey jump now defaults to a chord of both grips on all controller types
Revision 4 Notes (VR) (8/19/2019)
  • All Forge keybinds are now in their own Forge action set in SteamVR Input, to reduce confusion. This set is always active. Previous keybindings will need to be re-created. Sorry. Should be last time we change this.
Revision 5 Notes (VR) (9/28/2019)
  • Fix crash with PotionCore (RLCraft)
  • Do better at disabling FoamFix
Revision 6 Notes (VR) (10/19/2019)
  • Add binding defaults for Vive Cosmos
  • Fix held item rendering in 3rd person.
Revision 7 Notes (VR) (2/7/2020)
  • Fix detection of some pistol-style VR controllers
  • Reduce warp effect when standing in a portal
  • Fix crash with Tinker's Yo-yo's (won't something plz think of the yoyos?)
  • Fix potential problem with some shaders in the nether.
Revision 0 Notes (NONVR) (9/28/2019)
  • Fix crash with Vics Modern Warfare
Revision 1 Notes (NONVR) (10/19/2019)
  • Fix held item rendering in 3rd person.
Revision 2 Notes (NONVR) (12/12/2019)
  • Fix crash with portals in singleplayer.
  • Update Forge to 2847

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v8 - I'll be Back(port)

05 Jun 00:57
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Initial Release Notes (7/1/2019)


  • Bring several of the features in the 1.13 release to 1.12 including:
    • Modifier Keybindings
    • 'Physical' style keyboard
    • Cleanup of crosshair rendering both on GUIs and in-game.


  • Updated Forge to 2838
  • Fixed incompatibilities with several mods commonly found in large packs.
    • hardcoredarkness
    • Galactriccraft
    • Randompatches (this mod will not crash, but also has no effect) (outdated versions still crash sadly..)
    • f5fix (this mod will not crash, but also has no effect)
  • Fixed crash in Pixelmon


  • Default to Forge install w/ 4 gb ram.

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v7 - You're not my type.

25 May 23:21
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Initial Release Notes


  • Added new in-game keyboard to replace the awful and buggy SteamVR keyboard.
    • Works like the old keyboard, clicking on a text field should bring it up automatically.
    • Pressing the combo (left grip + left appmenu or left hand trigger + Y) will bring it up any time.
    • You can type with both hands!
    • You cannot use the thumbpad like with SteamVR. You have to point n click. There may be a touch-based keyboard in the future.
    • Keys are pressed with whichever button type is mapped to 'gui left click' or 'gui right click'. This means the triggers and touchpads by default. (Or index triggers and A/X if you swing that way)
    • Holding 'gui shift' (default: left grip / left hand grip) switches to caps. You can also just point and click on 'Shift' to toggle to caps mode.
  • Added customizable radial menu for quickly pressing infrequently used keybinds.
    • You get 2 sets of 8 keybinds to map.
    • Find the config screen in VR Settings > Radial Menu... Must be in Standing play mode.
    • Switch between the 2 sets by holding 'gui shift' (default: left grip) with the menu showing.
    • Comes in 2 modes, HOLD and PRESS.
      • in HOLD mode you hold the button, hover over the selection and release. This is the default.
      • In PRESS mode, the button opens the menu until pressed again, buttons respond to normal click.
  • Added roomscale horse riding. And then removed it, temporarily.
  • Improved roomscale boat rowing mechanics. Now have real oars that behave like real oars!
  • Teleporter enhancements
    • Added settings for the teleporter in survival mode to prevent going up, down, or sideways over a certain number of blocks.
    • An unrestricted teleporter arc is now blue, restricted is the tradional pink.
    • Sneaking in teleport mode prevents going down.
  • Added key binding for exporting your own main menu worlds.
    • The world around your player is written to worldexport.mmw in the game directory.
    • Any .mmw files found in .minecraft/menuworlds/custom will be loaded at random instead of our prebuilt set.
  • Updated OptiFine to D3. Seems to be increase chunk load speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Mixed reality shader will no longer crash on Mesa drivers, though mixed reality still won't work.
  • Fixed loading screen drawing to main framebuffer.
  • Fixed edge case NPE crash in main menu world loading.
  • Fixed main menu world biome IDs loading incorrectly.
  • Added missing osx64 natives (really just the same files as osx32, but both need to exist for technical reasons).
  • Fixed slim (aka Alex) models for all types of VR hands (own, third person, multiplayer).
  • Fixed other players that disconnected from VR and rejoined in non-VR having leftover broken VR hands.


  • Updated Forge to 2702
  • Fix 'keyboard-hold' button bindings that show a GUI making it close immedately.
  • Fixed mod crashes:
    • Thermal Dynamics Viaducts
    • Sampler


  • Fixed asking multiple times for MultiMC instance.
Revisions Since Initial Release

r1 Update:

  • Fixes for keyboard when using non-standard characters.

r2 Update:

  • Fix load/save issue with radial menu items.

r3 Update:

  • Update to Forge 4.2705 which has an important bug fix.

r4 Update:

  • Fix issue preventing the VR Client from hosting a Forge game on LAN.
  • The climb claws and jump boots are now available on the creative inventory tools tab.
  • Fix issue preventing certain mod commands from working on the radial menu.
  • Update Forge to 2707

r5 Update:

  • Minor bugfixes

r6 Update

  • Update Forge to 2772 and fix crash with Astral Sorcery.

r7 Update

  • Fix forge compatibility bug with death persistence.

r8/r9 (12/31/2018)

  • Update Optifine to E3
  • Update Forge to
  • Better support for OpenComposite buttons
  • Bugfixes

r10 Update (1/3/2019)

  • Fix installer for newest versions of MultiMC

r11 Update (1/15/2019)

  • Fix missing Forge event. (Fixes OpenBlocks elevators, maybe others)

r12 Update (1/16/2019)

  • Fix Forge rendering bug.

NON-VR Client

  • Updated to Forge 2702 and Optifine D3

r1 Update:

  • Update to Forge 4.2705 which has an important bug fix.

r2 Update:

  • Filter out Sampler mod here too cause it crashes.
  • Update Forge to 2707

r3 (12/31/2018)

  • Update Optifine to E3
  • Update Forge to

r4 Update (1/3/2019)

  • Fix installer for newest versions of MultiMC
  • Fix missing rendering call for some Forge mods.

r5 Update (1/13/2019)

  • Fix Forge death persistence bug.

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v6 - #Nofilter #Wokeuplikethis

07 Jan 21:18
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Alpha Builds (1/6 - 3/11/2018)

New Mirror Mode

  • Added '3rd person' mirror mode. Uses Mixed Reality Camera positioning and renders vanilla player. More to come on this mode. See here for how to position the camera.
  • Removed 1/3 framerate mirror modes as they are pointless and clog up the menu.
  • F5 now cycles thru mirror modes.
  • Render a small window showing the desktop mirror next to the 'camera' widget using 3rd person or MR mirror node. Allows you to see yourself in-headset.


  • Update OpenVR wrapper from 1.0.5 to 1.0.12, Make sure you're on a main SteamVR branch.
  • Fix controllers not working at all when steamvr render model interface is out to lunch.
  • Fix xbox controllers being detected as 3rd tracked controller (thanks Valve!)
  • Singleplayer games should now pause when opening the SteamVR dashboard or keyboard.
  • Steamvr keyboard no longer opens automatically when you sleep, (since it now pauses the game)
  • Fix openvr natives not being installed if your game directory was on the drive root (i.e. C:\DW20)
  • Fix crash using Riftcat or similar and not being in 'seated' mode.
  • Fix controllers not showing up or working if game is started before they are tracking in SteamVR.


  • The 'walk up blocks' locomotion setting now applies to normal movement, not just roomscale, and supercedes the vanilla 'autojump' setting. Kangaroo Sim VR has been discontinued.
  • Added option to disable roomscale bow entirely or just for mod items. Requires updated server plugin for multiplayer.
  • Fix unexpected influence of crosshair pointing direction when starting a jump while sprinting.


  • Can now choose custom Forge version during install. This voids the warranty.
  • Update MultiMC compatibility for 0.6.0+
  • Fix installer not displaying custom profile name on final popup.


  • Fix 'entity outlines' from spectral arrow or glowing poition/effect totally breaking rendering.
  • 3rd person and shaders shadow rendering now uses the multiplayer model of yourself so you can see arm movements.
  • Improve 'end portal' render to not break your brain
  • Crosshair now lays flat when on a block in range.
  • Fixed player shadow location with shaders
  • Improved effects for player on fire.
  • Force GUI scale to 'large' always. Fixes gui's too small for non-unicode languages.
  • Fix mipmap/blur issue causing shimmery leaves and other texture problems in right eye when holding an item.
  • Fix some held blocks and items losing their color during the 'fade in' when switching items.


  • Update Forge to 2624
  • fix crashes with
    -- Betterfoliage
    -- LittleTiles
    -- RandomThings
    -- CubicChunks
    -- Maybe some others.

Beta Builds

Beta1 (3/12/2018)

  • Update Optifine to C9.

Beta2 (3/12/2018)

  • Fix Hide HUD (F1) not working right.
  • Fix main menu cursor being really weird in standing mode with always follows: on and a high world rotation setting.
  • Fix shaders sky oddities with 3rd person or MR mirror on.
  • Fix patreon HMDs always being black (oops sorry?)

Final Builds

Final (3/16/2018)

  • Nothing. Nada. Just ship it.

Final R1 (3/18/2018)

  • Fix water rendering glitch in 3rd person mirror mode
  • Make camera hotkeys repeat when held down.

Final R2 (3/20/2018)

  • Don't send server-wide chat messages when cycling mirror modes with F5. No one cares, dude. What you do on your own desktop is your business.

Final R3 (3/25/2018)

  • Force download controller transforms all the time cause sometimes Rift's don't send controller track/untrack events. Fixes Rift arm/pointing direction being off if game started with without controllers tracking.

NON-VR 7 Beta

  • Update to Optifine C7 and Forge 2583.
  • Can now choose custom Forge version during install. This voids the warranty.
  • Update MultiMC compatibility for 0.6.0+

NON-VR 7 Beta5

  • Update to Forge 2624

NON-VR 7 Beta6

  • Update to Optifine C9

NON-VR 7 Final

  • Release!

NON-VR 7 Finaler

  • Fix crash with chests and Forge.

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v5 - Lord of the Seven Towers

24 Nov 21:31
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LAN play is now supported with animations!

Yes! Finally LAN play has animation support just like the server plugins!

  • Either Vivecraft or the Non-VR companion client can act as host.
  • Animations and VR positioning is fully supported.
  • Works with Forge too!
  • Correctly handles VR issues like enderman aggro, creeper radius, teleporting, etc. But does not have the same configurability of the server plugins.
  • Supports the Patreon Rewards

VR Data Code Overhaul

Rewrote how VR and Minecraft positioning data interact: this has opened the path to the following improvements:

  • Smooth Rotation: you can turn the 'rotation increment' slider all the way down to 'smooth' now. I nearly threw up no less than 3 times bringing you this feature. It's fixed-speed for now, but expect variable speed in the future if you have the rotate button mapped to something with an axis.
  • Vehicles
    • You are no longer 'locked' into a vehicle. When you board or mount one, you will be moved to it but then you are free to peer over the side or walk away from it. Remember you must press 'sneak' (left grip) to dismount.
    • A new 'Vehicle Rotation' option has been added and is on by default, Vehicles that you do not directly control (minecarts, boats, unsaddled horses) will rotate your view as they turn. I have been wanting to get this working for a long while now and I am super happy about it.
    • Controllable, living mounts, like saddled horses have much better cosmetic display and rotation based on your actions.
    • Roomscale Rowing is now much nicer (and yes, I finally caved in and made it row the way you're looking, let's just call it a magic rowboat)
    • Firing a bow or other projectile while mounted and/or moving should now always fire in the expected direction and has a much lower chance of accidentally hitting the mount.
  • GUIs
    • Gui's should now always render in the right place and not fly away if you change scale or rotation. Look for a GUI/HUD scaling option in the near future.
    • Vanilla GUI's should no longer be sensitive to the size of the desktop window. I cannot say the same for Forge mod GUIs. If you play modded best to leave the window at default size (1280x720), or at the very least at a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Climbing
    • Vines are actually roomscale-climbable now as they were always supposed to be.
    • You can now climb sideways on ladders and vines and you will be slightly pulled towards them when you start climbing so you don't get stuck just a little too far away to comfortably climb.
    • Collision detection for ladders and vines is now much better, you should accidentally let go much less often. Pro Tip: Hold 'sneak' while climbing and you won't fall even if you let go.
    • Getting off at the top of blocks is now a little easier.
    • Collisions while climbing no longer stop you dead, you will still move in any other unobstructed directions and you will get a light buzz in your controllers to indicate your grip is slipping.

VR Input Re-work

  • Switch from old state-driven code to proper fancy event-driven code. This means absolutely nothing to the player assuming its working correctly.
  • New binding menu to map MC functions to one, or several, controller buttons.
  • Can switch touchpads between several different split modes with up to 8 buttons per pad.

Other new or changed stuff

  • Update to Forge 2252. Maybe selectable builds in the future.
  • Experiment with a different, newer java garbage collector. if you find the game pauses on a regular interval, usually every 10-60 seconds when it did not before. You may want to try reverting to the previous garbage collector. To do this, edit your JVM args in the advanced profile settings in the launcher and replace XX:+UseG1GC with
    -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn256M
  • Better MultiMC compatibility. Vivecraft can be installed directly to a MultiMC instance. See for instructions.
  • Rework of the VR Settings menu. Moved all the 'Roomscale' options to the 'VR Interactions..." menu to free up space in the locomotion menu. Removed some non-functional options. Made 'HUD Transparency' option work.
  • Backpack switching changes:
    • Can now be toggled on and off in the VR Interactions menu.
    • Left hand function has changed since it was not working correctly server-side. Doing the backpack motion with the left hand now swaps items between your hands. Right hand still switches to/from slot 1.
  • the openvr native dll's are unpacked on-demand now, allows us to update them in the future without breaking older installed versions
  • Add blue tint while underwater. Reduce Walkabout darkness tint.
  • HUD/GUI and Crosshair rendering changes
    • These elements should now respond to the local brightness level.
    • Neither should ever be too bright or dark to use.
    • Both should now interact sensibly with water and your hands while following their respective occlusion setting.
    • These features should work with, and without, shader packs.
    • Note the shoulds.

Fixes for bugs I will admit to

  • Fix JEI not responding to mouse clicks, possibly fix other Forge GUI issues.
  • Fix 'shift' getting stuck on if you closed a GUI with it pressed.
  • Fix crash with JustTheTips mod.
  • Fix some glitchy bits with VR player rendering.
  • Fix some transparency issues while sneaking or attacking. Sneaking now causes both arms and the HUD to go slightly transparent.
  • Fix clicking on the Mojang copyright on the main menu sending you to an inescapable hell of eternal credit scroll.
  • Fix a virtual 'esc' not being sent when pressing the menu button for Touch users.
  • Fix the crosshair in seated mode drifting down if the window vertical resolution was odd.
  • Fix joy/pad movement setting affecting the game while in teleport mode.
  • Fix Roomscale rowing being active while aiming a bow
  • Fix Roomscale mining being active with a sword equipped.

RC2 Update (11/24/2017 7PM EST)

  • Add experimental Windows MR controller-specific controller type and options
  • Fix a significant shader bug.

RC3 Update (11/26/2017 12PM EST)

  • Fix crash on load if steamvr fails to initialize.
  • Fix vehicle rotation being forced on.
  • Switch back to old garbage collector flags since reports are not good.
  • More fixes for Windows MR controllers. Add stick deadzone setting.

RC4 Update (11/29/2017 8PM EST)

  • Fix 'walk multiplier from doing very strange things.
  • Fix Mixed Reality cam mode.
  • Fix extended block reach distance from Forge mods not working.
  • Movement is now analog if the 'walk forward' button is mapped to something that is, in fact, analog (trigger, joystick, etc)
  • Autojump now defaults to off. This will be replaced shortly.
  • Misc fixes to keybinding code.

RC5 Update (12/4/2017 3AM EST)

  • Many fixes to analog movement mode. Now applies to all 4 bindings (forwards, backwards, left right). Also can now be toggled off in settings. Also now uses configurable deadzone. You should still use joy/pad mode if you want full analog control tho.
  • Fix seated mode.
  • Fix some crashes
  • Fix profiler not showing up
  • Fix some more minor gui issues.
  • Update included Forge to

Final (12/4/2017 10AM)

  • Fix few last little movement bugs.

R1 Update (12/4/2017 10PM)

  • Fix some height issues using the NONVR client.

R2 Update (12/8/2017 7AM)

  • Fix bows shooting backwards in seated mode.
  • Allow roomscale archery with bow equipped in offhand slot. In this case you must manually equip an arrow in the main hand.
  • Add press-to-bind function for controller mapping.
  • Better sync mining/placing reach distance with server.

R3 Update (12/18/2017 6PM)

  • Fix crash if 'chat' button was bound to mouse.
  • try some maybe better default JVM args to combat GC stuttering.

Vivecraft 1.12.2 v4 - More like Minecraft: BEST Edition, amirite?

23 Sep 17:18
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r3 release:

  • Actually do the thing the last thing was supposed to do.

r2 release:

  • Update Forge to 2517 (vr and non-vr)

r1 release:

  • Update forge to 2508, fix some forge-related bugs.

r0 release:

  • Update to Minecraft 1.12.2. One twelve two. Maybe one one two two if you're weird.
  • Optifine 1.12.2 C5 (don't think anything is different from 1.12.1 C5)
  • Forge 1.12.2 2489

Vivecraft 1.12.1 v3 - The Releasening

07 Aug 23:43
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Update to Minecraft 1.12.1
Optifine 1.12.1 C5
Forge 1.12.1 2446

r0 -Added a option to force headset detection to Vive or Oculus (no gui, edit optionvivesprofiles.txt)
r1 - I forget
r2 - I forget also
r3 - fix death drops/messages under Forge, fix installer not un-setting modpack dir on re-installation.
r4 - Add proper crafting recipes for Forge multiplayer mod rejections
r5 - Fix crash at main menu with some mods, will default back to old dirt room in this case.
final - Fix Creative Inventory not supporting Forge mods all of a sudden.

Vivecraft 1.12 v2 - Upward not forward.

18 Jul 11:08
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*Note: This installer no longer works due to changes to the Optifine website. If you need to use this version: manually download and install Optifine 1.12 C4, then copy/rename the downloaded Optifine jar over top of the installed Optifine jar in .minecraft/libraries/optifine/OptiFine/1.12_HD_U_C4/OptiFine-1.12_HD_U_C4.jar

r3 update: fix potential crash if something unloaded the sound system.
r2 update: default to old menu room if low RAM allocation. Slightly shrink installer window.
r1 update: fix crash with BetterFoliage mod

New Installer options:

  • Custom Profile Name: ticking this in the installer will allow you to enter a custom profile name. This means you can install the same version of Vivecraft multiple times with different options and not overwrite the one profile.
  • Modpack Directory - ticking this allows you to set the profile's 'Game Directory' during installation. This is the preferred way to play Vivecraft with a modpacks (such as from the FTB/Curse/Twitch launcher). Previously you would have to install Vivecraft and then edit the profile settings in the launcher, now it can be done during installation.

Onward-style joystick/touchpad analog movement:

VR Settings > Locomotion Settings > Freemove Type > Set to 'Joy/Pad'

  • Does NOT change any existing keybinds, you will want to review your button bindings. There is a shiny new button binding selction GUI just for this.
  • You do not need 'Move Forward' bound to anything.
  • Things that require pressing the 'Move Forward' keybind will require touching the 'forward' area of the touchpad/joystick in this mode. This includes teleporting and grabbing with the left hand climbey claws.

Vive Controllers

  • Disables anything bound to 'swipes' on the left controller touchpad.
  • Does NOT disable actions bound to pressing in the 4 areas of the left touchpad, although you may want to just change them all to jump or sprint.

Touch Controllers

  • Disables anything bound to joystick up/down/left/right on left controller. You need to relocate these bindings.
  • Does not check if you're 'touching' the joystick, let me know if it should (due to insufficent deadzone or something)

New keybinding menu

  • Select from full list of available actions instead of having to cycle thru them one by one, who designed that crap in the first place?


  • Fix the mouse tutorial not going away