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Releases: jrbudda/minecrift

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v40 - Old Dog, New Tricks.

20 Jul 15:29
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Update 11/11/2021

  • Support Microsoft Store launcher

Update 4/25/2021

  • Fix forge installation
  • Fix installer on Java 16
Initial Release Notes

New Installer options:

  • Custom Profile Name: ticking this in the installer will allow you to enter a custom profile name. This means you can install the same version of Vivecraft multiple times with different options and not overwrite the one profile.
  • Modpack Directory - ticking this allows you to set the profile's 'Game Directory' during installation. This is the preferred way to play Vivecraft with a modpacks (such as from the FTB/Curse/Twitch launcher). Previously you would have to install Vivecraft and then edit the profile settings in the launcher, now it can be done during installation.

Onward-style joystick/touchpad analog movement:

VR Settings > Locomotion Settings > Freemove Type > Set to 'Joy/Pad'

  • Does NOT change any existing keybinds, you will want to review your button bindings. There is a shiny new button binding selction GUI just for this.
  • You do not need 'Move Forward' bound to anything.
  • Things that require pressing the 'Move Forward' keybind will require touching the 'forward' area of the touchpad/joystick in this mode. This includes teleporting and grabbing with the left hand climbey claws.

Vive Controllers

  • Disables anything bound to 'swipes' on the left controller touchpad.
  • Does NOT disable actions bound to pressing in the 4 areas of the left touchpad, although you may want to just change them all to jump or sprint.

Touch Controllers

  • Disables anything bound to joystick up/down/left/right on left controller. You need to relocate these bindings.
  • Does not check if you're 'touching' the joystick, let me know if it should (due to insufficent deadzone or something)

New keybinding menu

  • Select from full list of available actions instead of having to cycle thru them one by one, who designed that crap in the first place?
Revision 2 (8/2/2017)
  • fix crash when not using forge.
Revision 3/4 (3/15/2018)
  • Update installer to support MultiMC 0.6.0+
  • Fix download link for mcp.
Revision 5 (4/9/2018)
  • Fix install failure when forge and shadersmod is checked.
Revision 6 (4/4/2019)
  • Update installer for MultiMC 0.6.3+
Revision 7 (4/24/2019)
  • Fix build issue that may have been causing some mod incompatibility.
Revision 8 (2/11/2020)
  • Fix reference to maven url that no longer exists.
Revision 9 (7/29/2020)
  • Potential fix for Linux issues.

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v39 - The Last of His Name, Jr.

23 May 22:22
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r2 update: stricter projectile checks.
r1 update: Fix Terrafirmacraft HUD.

Added 'backpack' hotbar switching. Reaching behind you with the main hand will swap to hotbar slot 1 (or back to the last used). (thanks to cincodenada for the original idea)

Removed mumble library, as it wasn't even fully implemented anyways. If anyone still uses this let me know.

implement new keyboard injector for Forge mods.

Fix spawn location sometimes being off.

Fix startup crash with iVRy and Vridge (error 4)

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v38 - The Last of His Name

09 Mar 02:54
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r1 update - fix installer not downloading Forge correctly.
r2 update - fix openvr search path, and sleeping.

New Installer Features:

  • If intstaller cannot detect the correct Forge version it will download it and launch the Forge installer for you.
  • You can select your profile RAM allocation from the installer. 2GB is the default. More is recommened for Forge.
  • Fixed installer not setting profile as active in the new launcher.

  • Fix keyboard closing in seated mode.
  • Fix fullscreen turning off if window loses focus
  • Fix internal rendering resolution wrong ... hurrr
  • Pressing 'done' on the SteamVR keyboard will send a chat message.
  • Chat window will not close when using steamvr keyboard and hitting enter.

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v37 - Das Uberpatch

07 Feb 16:01
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r1 update: fix riftcat/vridge making up new error numbers.

This is a port of all the important changes made in versions 6 and 7 of the 1.11.2 mod. It does not include the climbeymotion items, sorry.

Mixed Reality!

  • This is all Techjar, thank him.
  • Added 4-pane unity style layout as option.
  • Added undistorted pass as option
  • Add alpha mask as option
  • Added 3rd controller support.

New Things

  • Added option to turn off 'animal touching' so you can slap pigs around again.
  • You can now bind actions to 'swiping' the Vive touchpads up, down, left or right. The hotbar next/prev commands that were on the left controller are now on the right. If you can't deal with that change, well, you can bind it back. The right touchpad up/down is still hardcoded to scrolling if a menu is open.
  • You can now bind actions to the Touch right joystick up, down, left and right. The right joystick up/down is still hardcoded to scrolling if a menu is open.
  • Added seated option to use crosshair direction instead of hmd as 'forward'
  • Added back crosshair scaling and crosshair size options.
  • Added option for seated HUD to follow crosshair instead of HMD.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed very fast button presses being ignored cause minecraft is slow. Thanks Techjar.
  • Fixed some menu's scrolling to the bottom using the touchpad.
  • Maybe workaround steamvr freezing up randomly.
  • Always change vertical offset when riding something. Fixes mod mounts.
  • Fix right click spam when touching an animal.
  • Fix game not starting with VRidge due to chaperone failure.

Update to OpenVR 1.0.5.

If you play 1.7.10 and 1.11.2 vivecraft be sure to update both.

New teleporter-water interaction

  • Teleporter now teleports you a block down into the water.
  • What happens after that depends on your Simulate Falling and Roomscale Swimming options.
    • If Simulate Falling is off you will just sit there, otherwise you will sink and then:
      • If roomscale swimming is ON you will sink to about your neck. you can roomscale swim or
        teleport again.
      • if roomscale swimming is OFF you will sink. Like a rock. Hold Jump to surface and teleport.
  • If your teleport arm is already under water, you can teleport to the bottom.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue that was likely making liteloader mods malfunction.

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v36 - It's super effective

21 Jan 08:02
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r1 update:

  • Fix teleporting with simulate falling off = way up in the air. fix crashes with IntegratedCircuits.
  • Re-add Mod Options menu.
  • Fix very fast controller button presses not being recognized.

Forge things

  • Stopped Pixelmon from going into 3rd person, opening the keyboard at start of battle, or rendering the camera inside your own head.
  • Fixed cursor positioning on Thermal Expansion Gui's (I hope)

Thing things

  • Fix major bug with FSAA
  • Render a better thing when wearing a pumpkin head (like you do)
  • Fix teleporting onto lilypads
  • Better handing of room origin interpolation to fix some jitter, especially in seated mode while turning
  • Fix height when riding horse
  • Fixed hopefully last little bit of horse jitter (the trick was decaf)
  • Allow use of Vivecraft keybinds in seated mode (like quick torch, rotate left/right, hotbar next/prev)
  • Recategorize Vivecraft keybinds so they appear together in vanilla Controls menu.
  • Fix 'simulate falling = off' not working right in seated mode or with realistic climbing turned on.
  • Calm down the hurt pulse effect a little.
  • Fix arrow direction wrong when shooting bow from a boat with roomscale rowing turned on (look out, fish.)

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v35 - 360 Crop Rotation

12 Jan 20:58
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r1 update - fix main menu tracking stopping.
r2 update - fix installer not making directories.
r3 update - fix stencil random failures.

  • New oobly woobly default shader effects for underwater, being hurt, in a portal, or having your face in a block.
  • Brand new Main Menu system courtesy of Techjar. The main menu will now position itself in your view. Expect some cool new things here in the future.
  • Hitting dirt with a hoe in roomscale will create farmland. This is the real Farming Simulator 2017 right here, folks.
  • The installer now does a little more work in finding and verifying the correct base game jar instead of leaving it entirely up to the launcher.
  • Lots of little bugfixes:
    • Fixed rendering of leashes and fishing lines while seated
    • Fixed nameplate rotation being not quite right (actually a vanilla bug, but very noticeable in VR)
    • Fixed Mixed Reality 'snap camera' button combo set to the wrong buttons.

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v34 - You've got the power

23 Dec 05:52
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updated to r1 to fix jittery hands in seated mode.

Improved Touch support

  • Now using the proper aim angle for all VR controllers as reported by Steam. This means a 40 degree aim change for Touch controllers but at least it's now consistent. Tools with handles still sit parallel to the grip. Report any oddities.
  • Touch controllers can now bind actions to pushing the left joystick up, down, left or right.
  • Totally new set of Touch default controls, please review and/or reset your bindings.
    • Swapped default right contoller A and Grip. Grip is now pick block, A is now 'Use'. This was reported to be more comfortable and is more like how the Vive does it.
    • Right stick click now opens inventory
    • Right stick left/right now cycles the hotbar.
    • Left stick left/right defaults to 'Rotate Left' and 'Rotate Right' for 180 degree play.
    • Left stick up is now jump by default.
    • Left stick down is now sneak by default.
    • Left stick click is now sprint by default.
    • Left stick grip is now the player list (tab)
    • left stick X is now open/close chat

Forge things

  • Added a really stupid workaround to maybe allow some Forge mod weapons to work like swords in roomscale

Other Things

  • fixed teleport destination not working if you were sneaking sometimes
  • Fixed world rotation + roomscale multiplier not working together (thank you jpfx1342)
  • New, stronger, faster, better, first person attack/mine animation
  • First person hand skins no longer upside-down
  • Updated bow haptics to work like 1.11
  • Fixed in-game keyboard not working on menus

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v33 - Personal Jesus

07 Dec 05:48
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Updated to r2 to fix Project Red incompatiblity

Support for Oculus Touch Controllers

Other things

  • Added FOV reduction comfort option to free-move mode settings.
  • Fix enderman aggro to use look direction not crosshair. (singleplayer only)
  • Added indicator to hotbar when you are sprinting or sneaking

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v32 - Same as the old boss.

30 Nov 15:00
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This is mostly a catch-up to add to this version all the delicious goodies that were added to the 1.10 version in updates 5 and 6

These include:

  • Much improved seated mode with, like, options and stuff
  • Roomscale shenanigans such as climbing, running, swimming, eating, sneaking and jumping. (there is no rowing as boats in 1.7 do not have paddles. They move on willpower and happy thoughts alone)
  • Red tint at low health

Also updated to OpenVR 1.0.4. If you install this version, older versions of Vivecraft may no longer work without reinstalling them.

A lot of code changes went into this, most of which did not want to go quietly across the 2+ year version differential. I expects bugs. You should expect bugs. In fact, go out and get a nice cheese spread, a couple bottles of wine and tidy up the house cause bugs are coming for dinner.

As always please use the Issues page here on github to report problems and they will be addressed based on a priority system to which only I am privy.

Vivecraft 1.7.10 v31 - Hold me closer, Tony Danza

03 Aug 00:57
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updated to r4 to fix nether portal crash with Forge

updated to r3 to update launch4j and eliminate the registry error some users were experiencing trying to run the installer

updated to r2 to relocate dependencies hosted on

Update to R1 to fix bows in multiplayer.

  • Fixed up how Forge mod items are rendered in the hand. The rotations might not be perfect but all items should now at least appear in the vicinity of where they should. Tested mainly with Tinker's Construct and LOTR. Report any that are wildly off.
  • Throwing and shooting mod items while moving should shoot in direction of the crosshair, not your movement direction.
  • Fixed UI in mixed reality cam.
  • Techjar has made the mousewheel use emulation for compatibility with Modular Powersuits
  • Fixed crash in LOTR achievements screen.
  • Found out that LOTR fast travel and map teleport cannot be bound to a button. Bind keyboard_press:F and M instead, or use the popup keyboard via left_grip+left_appmenu.
  • LOTR mod is pretty cool, you guys.
  • Fix misc Forge transparency issues in the inventory.
  • Fix main menu not working when you quit back to it.
  • Fixed particles not rendering