r1 update - fix main menu tracking stopping.
r2 update - fix installer not making directories.
r3 update - fix stencil random failures.

  • New oobly woobly default shader effects for underwater, being hurt, in a portal, or having your face in a block.
  • Brand new Main Menu system courtesy of Techjar. The main menu will now position itself in your view. Expect some cool new things here in the future.
  • Hitting dirt with a hoe in roomscale will create farmland. This is the real Farming Simulator 2017 right here, folks.
  • The installer now does a little more work in finding and verifying the correct base game jar instead of leaving it entirely up to the launcher.
  • Lots of little bugfixes:
    • Fixed rendering of leashes and fishing lines while seated
    • Fixed nameplate rotation being not quite right (actually a vanilla bug, but very noticeable in VR)
    • Fixed Mixed Reality 'snap camera' button combo set to the wrong buttons.


updated to r1 to fix jittery hands in seated mode.

Improved Touch support

  • Now using the proper aim angle for all VR controllers as reported by Steam. This means a 40 degree aim change for Touch controllers but at least it's now consistent. Tools with handles still sit parallel to the grip. Report any oddities.
  • Touch controllers can now bind actions to pushing the left joystick up, down, left or right.
  • Totally new set of Touch default controls, please review and/or reset your bindings.
    • Swapped default right contoller A and Grip. Grip is now pick block, A is now 'Use'. This was reported to be more comfortable and is more like how the Vive does it.
    • Right stick click now opens inventory
    • Right stick left/right now cycles the hotbar.
    • Left stick left/right defaults to 'Rotate Left' and 'Rotate Right' for 180 degree play.
    • Left stick up is now jump by default.
    • Left stick down is now sneak by default.
    • Left stick click is now sprint by default.
    • Left stick grip is now the player list (tab)
    • left stick X is now open/close chat

Forge things

  • Added a really stupid workaround to maybe allow some Forge mod weapons to work like swords in roomscale

Other Things

  • fixed teleport destination not working if you were sneaking sometimes
  • Fixed world rotation + roomscale multiplier not working together (thank you jpfx1342)
  • New, stronger, faster, better, first person attack/mine animation
  • First person hand skins no longer upside-down
  • Updated bow haptics to work like 1.11
  • Fixed in-game keyboard not working on menus


Vivecraft 1.7.10 v33 - Personal Jesus

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Dec 7, 2016 · 8 commits to vive_1_7_10 since this release

Updated to r2 to fix Project Red incompatiblity

Support for Oculus Touch Controllers

Other things

  • Added FOV reduction comfort option to free-move mode settings.
  • Fix enderman aggro to use look direction not crosshair. (singleplayer only)
  • Added indicator to hotbar when you are sprinting or sneaking


This is mostly a catch-up to add to this version all the delicious goodies that were added to the 1.10 version in updates 5 and 6

These include:

  • Much improved seated mode with, like, options and stuff
  • Roomscale shenanigans such as climbing, running, swimming, eating, sneaking and jumping. (there is no rowing as boats in 1.7 do not have paddles. They move on willpower and happy thoughts alone)
  • Red tint at low health

Also updated to OpenVR 1.0.4. If you install this version, older versions of Vivecraft may no longer work without reinstalling them.

A lot of code changes went into this, most of which did not want to go quietly across the 2+ year version differential. I expects bugs. You should expect bugs. In fact, go out and get a nice cheese spread, a couple bottles of wine and tidy up the house cause bugs are coming for dinner.

As always please use the Issues page here on github to report problems and they will be addressed based on a priority system to which only I am privy.


updated to r4 to fix nether portal crash with Forge

updated to r3 to update launch4j and eliminate the registry error some users were experiencing trying to run the installer

updated to r2 to relocate dependencies hosted on minecraft-vr.com

Update to R1 to fix bows in multiplayer.

  • Fixed up how Forge mod items are rendered in the hand. The rotations might not be perfect but all items should now at least appear in the vicinity of where they should. Tested mainly with Tinker's Construct and LOTR. Report any that are wildly off.
  • Throwing and shooting mod items while moving should shoot in direction of the crosshair, not your movement direction.
  • Fixed UI in mixed reality cam.
  • Techjar has made the mousewheel use emulation for compatibility with Modular Powersuits
  • Fixed crash in LOTR achievements screen.
  • Found out that LOTR fast travel and map teleport cannot be bound to a button. Bind keyboard_press:F and M instead, or use the popup keyboard via left_grip+left_appmenu.
  • LOTR mod is pretty cool, you guys.
  • Fix misc Forge transparency issues in the inventory.
  • Fix main menu not working when you quit back to it.
  • Fixed particles not rendering


Vivecraft 1.7.10 v30 - Vote for Hillary Edition

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Jul 29, 2016 · 22 commits to vive_1_7_10 since this release

  • Updated OpenVR to 1.0.2. This does nothing exciting.
  • World now dims when using Walkabout or sleeping.
  • Hotbar works as expected in 'reverse hands' mode
  • Fixed portal effect drawing on your hand
  • Can't jump, sneak, or rotate with a menu open.
  • Menu's follow you if your player moves somehow with it open.
  • Creeper ignite radius reduced from 3 to 1.75 blocks so roomscale fighting is viable. Singleplayer Only. Techjar has updated his Vivecraft Forge Extensions plugin to make this radius configurable for VR players on Forge multiplayer servers.
  • Connecting to a non-vivecraft server will use /tp-command-based teleportation like Vivecraft 1.10 does.
  • Added logo to installer. Super important.


Updated to 29r1 to fix block placement rotation bug.

This is a fairly small release to coincide with the big news, the 1.10.2 version. Rest assured that development on good ol' 1710 here is not stopping. Once 1.10.2 is nice and stable we'll start adding new features to both versions simultaneously. So long as 1710 is the primary mod platform I will continue to support it.

New in 29:

  • Bugfixes and other cleanup while doing the 1.10.2 port.
  • Hitting a block harder in roomscale will break it more.
  • Movement speed fixes to seated mode.


Edit: Updated to 28r1 to fix the Malformed Class Name crash

Seated Mode!

You can now play Vivecraft without getting up. Should be a nice break from chasing Pokemon around the neighborhood. Turn this mode on in the VR Settings Menu. Uses the keyboard and mouse. Note that I did the mode in the most minimially-disruptive way to the rest of the game which was designed around controllers. To that end, you will note, seated mode uses a pair of 'fake' controllers that float somewhere around your armpits, if you're lucky.
Things to note:
- You will always be in free move mode, regarless of setting.
- You will always be in hud-lock-to-head mode, regardless of setting.
- The virtual keyboard will not come up, no matter how hard you try.
- You can change how high up you are with the World Scaling setting.
- You will find something you wish worked differently. You will look for an option. You will be disappointed .

My current policy towards Seated Mode is that you turn it on or off and that's it. It works like it works. Unless something is broken to the point of un-playablility or could be improved without needing an option my response to suggestions or complaints will be ...

Do NOT change your SteamVR room setup. This is still technically a room-scale/standing game. If you want the chaperone bounds to go away set them to Developer.

Mixed Reality cam improvements

More work was done to the mode that like, 4 whole people are going to use!.
- MR cam mode works with the shadersmod versions.
- Added back the FOV slider for MR cam. Added hotkeys to change FOV.
- MR cam mode works with world rotation and scaling like it should, (I think.)
- The 'clipping plane' is now always vertical in the world, no matter how angled your camera is up or down.
- The virtual camera renders in the HMD as a black circle thing, so you can tell where it is.
- You can optionally turn off the rendering of the 'hands' in the MR cam (items still show up)

Other things!

  • Techjar has finalized the java magic to make the LOTR mod work with Vivecraft. May also fix other Forge mod issues.
  • Techjar has also added an option to totally blank the HMD when your head is in a block instead of showing the block texture.
  • Added Overlay, Proiler, and Screenshot buttons to in-game menu since you can't seem to bind the F-keys to the controller.


ViveCraft v27 - Kill the frames, shave the animals.

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Jul 8, 2016 · 42 commits to vive_1_7_10 since this release

Wow. What a week. All kinds of nifty thingamajigs for you today!

In order of descending coolness:

  • Added support for Mixed Reality! This was a major team effort from me and Techjar. We put way more time into this than we should have but it works! Currently supports a fixed camera. If you want "3rd-controller-camera" support send me a 3rd controller. Actual instructions for setup can be found here.
    • Also Techjar has added an 'undistorted' first person mirror mode, great for streamers. Does require an extra render of the game, however.
  • Animal touching! Great suggestion from a player: you can now 'interact' (right click) on passive animals just by touching them. This works for feeding, mounting, shearing, leashing... etc.
    • You also cannot swing-hit an animal without a sword/tool. If you must punch a chicken to death, you will have to click it, like God intended.
  • Buckets! You can fill buckets by dipping them into liquid. You cannot pour them out without clicking tho. (I tried. Can't be done right., plus you'd wet yourself.)
  • More FPS! I put on my Zero Cool mask and hacked into Shadersmod so you can use the 'eye stencil' with shaders. I am assuming this gives the ~20% fps boost it should, but have not tested it at all.
  • New interactive hotbar! You can now select items from the hotbar by just touching them. Can be turned off in the options if you can't stop touching yourself.
  • New hotbar mode! Added a hotbar mode where it sits on the inside of your left arm and 'pops out' when you look at it. Also supports touching. Try it out by setting the 'hud lock' mode to 'wrist'.
  • Faster Loading! Techjar has done some sort of magic that makes the world load faster on startup!
  • New Network API Started on a consistent network API for server plugins to talk to Vivecraft. Should lead to some cool things in the future!
  • Eye sync! - Did some stuff so that even under low FPS you should no longer suffer 'eye-desync'
  • Bugs! - Likely added more bugs than were fixed, tell me all about them on the issues page!


ViveCraft v26 - Lumos Maxima

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Jul 3, 2016 · 50 commits to vive_1_7_10 since this release

Full shadersmod support!

  • Vivecraft 1.7.10 is now compatible with karyonix's shadersmod both with and without Forge.
    • You do NOT need to install shadersmod yourself, just check the box in the installer and it will do it for you. (it won't hurt if you already have it, tho)
    • You also have the option of installing Vivecraft with Forge only and putting shadersmod in your /mods folder. I handle the rest 'cause I'm basically a wizard.
    • I've been playing with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders Lite and it's usable. I'm closer to min spec for VR so maybe someone out there on a supercomputer can run SEUS
    • Eye stencil is disabled when shadersmod is running, sadly.
  • Getting shaders working took yet another major re-do of camera/rendering junk. It's actually halfway how I was planning on doing it for 1.10 and is a fantastic proof-of-concept.
    • In celebration I have upped the maximum world scale to 100, because it's no longer glitchy up there.
  • Pinned the stars in the heavens. Because I am a wizard.
  • Clouds bow to my whim. Because wizard.
  • The sun, the moon and the sky know their place. (wizard).
  • Added a 'Free Rotate' button binding. It is exactly the same as Walkabout except it goes the other way.
  • Fixed startup crash if you're using a Rift. Apparently Vivecraft works on the Rift.