updated to r4 to fix throwing eggs at other people. (this is my life now)

updated to r3 to update launch4j and eliminate the registry error some users were experiencing trying to run the installer

updated to r2 to relocate the dependencies that were hosted on minecraft-vr.com

updated to r1 to fix the Reset Origin button not working.

Multiplayer animation support

The arms and heads of other Vivecraft users will animate based on their real movements. Requires a multiplayer server running Vivecraft Spigot Extensions and all players must be running updated Vivecraft clients. Does not affect non-vivecraft players on the server.

Other new stuffs

  • A slight red tint will appear at low health (since the HUD is not always visible). Also fixed the hurt red flash not playing.
  • Doubled arrow damage from player to compensate for harder aiming. This was done in 1.7 and did not make the port to 1.10 til now (whoops).
  • Roomscale Climbing: Don't allow climb when holding down the move button. Also added 60cm to the height check for getting off at the top.
  • Roomscale Jumping: Should be easier to accomplish.
  • Roomscale Running: Much improved speed and direction detection. Can also run when in water and touching the bottom.
  • Roomscale Swimming: Swimming not allowed if standing in shallow water. No diving in the kiddie pool.
  • Confirmation screen added when switching into seated mode.

Oculus and Seated

  • You can now use 'teleport' mode while playing Seated. Toggle in the Seated Options menu and hold down W to activate. For the easily nauseated.
  • Moved 'Reset Origin' button out to main VR Settings menu so it is accessible when playing standing with Hydras. Only appears when using a Rift or playing seated.
  • Origin offset also now applies to controllers (i.e. Hydras).


  • No more roomscale attacking while blocking with a shield, cheaters. Main hand item will fade out while blocking.
  • Total re-write of code to find valid teleport destination. All to fix carpets.
  • Removed dozens of unused or poorly-implemented options. Good chance I broke something importatnt.
  • Fixed some issues with the controller buttons in inventory screens.


Vivecraft 1.10.2 v5 - The Roomscalelympics!

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Aug 14, 2016 · 5 commits to master since this release

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Steves of all ages to the first ever (and likely only) Vivecraft Roomscalelympics! It's been quite a while since our last update and this one is a doozy. First and foremost we have a new contributor, Finaltransmit is his name and he's added quite a bit to the new features found in this most sporting of updates.

What we have for you is a significant addition of 'roomscale' ways to interact with and move around your Minecraft worlds. All of these are optional and can be toggled on the locomotion settings menu. It is my sincere wish that it is now possible to play Minecraft without any artificial locomotion at all, if you're into that sort of thing.

In no particular order:


You can now swim in roomscale. Specifically the breast-stoke. Use 2 hands and move them together, do not alternate hands or you will be eaten by squids. You do not need to hold down a button. Swim rapidly at shore to get out. Being eaten by squids disqualifies you from competition.


You can climb ladders in roomscale. Only available in free-move or if 'simulate falling' is turned on. Simply touch a ladder with either hand to grab on and up you go, no button presses required. Once your feet are within 1 block of the top, simply lean forward to get off.


Hold food or drink items up to your pie hole to consume automatically. Om nom nom nom nom. When you go experiment with this please recall you typically cannot eat in creative mode, nor when your player isn't hungry. Yes, eating is a sport, in my mind.


To sneak in roomscale, duck. The game tries to keep track of your normal standing height and will put you in sneak mode if you get low enough. Also when in sneak mode (however you get there) your hands and items will appear slightly transparent. If you get stuck sneaking, use the 'calibrate height' button that can be found on the in-game menu.


You can jump in roomscale. To do so... jump!. If you're having trouble getting it to work note that it's looking for the HMD and both controllers to go 'up'. So when you jump, do not flap your arms, you thilly goose. Uses the same height-tracking thing as sneaking so reset your standing height if you have trouble.


A new 'walking multiplier' option is available that will amplify your roomscale movements so you can cover more virtual area in your play space. Not for the queasy.


I've implemented a very basic Run-In-Place movement mode. This is the 3rd form of free move alongside the already existing controller-pointing and HMD-pointing options. To turn on: Set Move mode to Free Move and set Free Move Type to RunInPlace. To activate RIP you DO need to hold down the left trigger (move forward button) and swing/jiggle your arms. Try to keep the controllers out in front of you a little and move both of them in a similar motion. Does NOT work in water or going up ladders, so.. use the roomscale variants.


That's a paddlin'. You can row boats in roomscale. Does not require a button press. Simply move one or the other controller rapidly to stroke the oar on that side to turn. Move both controllers to move forward.


Horse riding has been improved. You now sit up off the ground like you should and jumping is nice and smooth. I also think I fixed shooting bows on horseback.


  • New Locomotion menu: re-did the locomotion settings menu to better indicate which options apply to which movement mode.
  • Better Oculus support. We've added the ability to detect the headset and tracking system in use. Should prove useful in the future. Can also now set proper seated player height.
  • New seated options menu: Finaltransmit has gone and started a menu for Seated Mode options. Hover over the items to see what they do.
  • New curious foods can be found on the brewing tab.
  • Minor controller and rendering bugfixes.


Fixed a major bug that was causing most of the advanced Video Options to have no effect. This allows enabling the really cool new Optifine feature called 'Dynamic Lights' which will illuminate the world when you hold or drop a torch without needing a shaders pack turned on. Turn it on in Video Options > Quality.

  • Fixed bucket dipping
  • Fix UI in Mixed Reality cam
  • Fixed other misc rendering issues like transparent menus and hands.


Vivecraft 1.10.2 v3 - Vote for Trump Edition

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Jul 29, 2016 · 13 commits to master since this release

  • Updated OpenVR to 1.0.2. Now with 0.02 more ... openvr.
  • Fixed hurt effect.
  • World now dims when using Walkabout or sleeping.
  • Hotbar wrist mode fixed. Hotbar works as expected in 'reverse hands' mode
  • Fixed no textures in the nether
  • Fixed portal effect drawing on your hand
  • Fixed blue screen of hud-ness
  • Fixed mining ceasing to function (I hope)
  • Fixed Mixed Reality cam so it.. works.
  • Can't jump, sneak, or rotate with a menu open.
  • Menu's follow you if your player moves somehow with it open.
  • Fixed boat steering, it works like any other mount now. If you want roomscale boat paddlin' let me know.
  • Fixed lightmap and other rendering issues with hands.
  • Fixed bucket-dipping
  • Creeper ignite radius reduced from 3 to 1.75 blocks so roomscale fighting is viable. Singleplayer Only.
  • Added logo to installer.


Vivecraft 1.10.2 v2 - HULK SMASH

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Jul 23, 2016

Big news this release:

  • You can now use either hand to smash things. You can dual-wield swords, axes, whatever and use either hand to hit things in roomscale. Note that Minecraft has no concept of breaking more than one block at a time, so that is not supported. You can drum-solo the heck out of a single block to break it quickly now tho. Creative mode is absolute carnage. I am not responsible for broken controllers, lamps, monitors or pets.
  • If you connect to a server not running a Vivecraft plugin (which is all of them right now) The client will use a /tp command for the arc teleporting. This should allow you to permit teleporting on a server by giving someone Op level 2 (or some other teleport permission depending on platform). You can turn off the message spam with /gamerule sendCommandFeedback false. I am hoping someone will step up and put out a server plugin for 1.10 soon.

Little news:

  • Fixed almost all the bugs reported on the issue tracker by you lovely people. please keep them coming!
  • Put back using the left grip as shift button in menus
  • Fixed up the click repeat speeds
  • Fixed up not being able to click on some things. As with 1.7.10 please keep the game window in focus for maximal clicking efficacy.


Vivecraft 1.10.2 v1 - Wabbit Season.

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Jul 20, 2016

Updated to r2 to fully fix door crash and maybe fix teleport rubberbanding

Updated to r1 to fix Sound effects, left click speed, menu scrollbars, map rendering, and door crash

And here we are at last. All up to date. The cutting edge of Minecraft technologies. Vivecraft officially exists as a mod for 1.10.2.

It is also officially full of bugs. And rabbits. the rabbits are fun and easy to spot. The bugs are neither. I also hear there's polar bears but I haven't seen one yet.

I could spend weeks polishing this version and working out all the kinks but I think it's playable now and it's much faster to turn the testing over to you, my dear, loyal minions fans.

So without further ado, let's talk about what's new!

  • Dual wielding is now a thing. I have added nothing special to the dual wielding mechanics. You still use the 'offhand' item by pressing the use button. Feel free to suggest new and exciting ways to use the offhand.. separate crosshairs and use buttons? hotbars? sky's the limit.
  • Attack 'power' is indicated by the weapon/tool becoming slightly transparent after a hit and fading back in at full power.
  • Shields swing out and get larger to indicate you are blocking. There is no 'roomscale' blocking as of yet, you just hold down the use button.
  • Shadersmod is now built into Optifine so you get shaders support by default.
  • There is no Forge support. I know, I know. I'm sorry. It's a massive amount of work to integrate and then adds a lot of restrictions to what I can and can't do. It was nice doing this port without having to worry about breaking a dozen different mods I've never heard of. I'm not ruling out Forge support in the future, but I personally have no plans for it in the short term.

And that's it really. I hope I got all of 1.7.10's features ported over, and only added new mechanics where required. From here on out I can start to add the fun stuff.

I've put this branch in it's own github repo to keep the issue tracker separate. Please make liberal use of it.

Please note that if you load a 1.7.10 world in 1.10.2 you cannot go back without losing all your items. Send the insurance bill to Notch. :)