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Scripts to call pandoc from within BBEdit and TextWrangler
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These scripts allow you to call Pandoc from within BBEdit or Textwrangler.

Installation instructions

Unzip and copy the folder to ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Scripts, replacing "BBEdit" with "TextWrangler" if you use the latter.

BBedit preview filters

If you have BBEdit, copy to ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Preview Filters (create this directory if it doesn't exist) to use Pandoc as a preview filter. Custom CSS files can be placed in ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Preview CSS. Renaming the file to where "LanguageName" is the extension you use for markdown files will set Pandoc as the default preview filter (e.g. DefaultFilter_Text if you use .txt for pandoc files).

If the preview filter doesn't work, you may need to open the terminal, navigate to the preview filter, and use chmod +x to give the filter execute permissions.


To execute the scripts, open the Scripts Palette (Window: Palettes: Scripts) and select the desired output format. Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned from the Scripts Palette.

The scripts assume that your file is saved. Any error reports will be opened in a new text document.


It's straightforward to modify the scripts to include new output formats or customize the existing ones.


open "${BB_DOC_PATH%%.*}".ext

where "ext" is the desired extension (e.g., pdf, docx) will tell your system to open the resulting output file using the default application for that type of document.

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