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Statistics script which displays kill and player/country stats for multiple Soldat game servers. Powered by Python + Redis + Falcon and styled with Bootswatch.



  • Get logs from either local files, or ssh+sftp, or FTP on a remote game host
  • ip2country for all players. Country stats + flags next to each player
  • Automatic intelligent merging of player names sharing HWIDs
  • Supports multiple Soldat servers
  • Configurable data retention. Don't show kill stats more than X days old.
  • Ability to connect to Soldat server's admin port and provide current status
  • Player search
  • Pretty graphs
  • Display wireframe image of map polygons
  • Clean comfortable layout provided by Bootswatch
  • Uses Redis key value database instead of SQL so pages are fast even with millions of recorded kills.
  • HTML or JSON output for data. To get JSON, ?json=yes to any URL, or request json using the Accept header


  • Python 2.7, with virtualenv/pip tools
  • Redis DB installed/running
  • Tested with soldat server version 2.8.1. You must have EchoKills=1 set in server.ini


First, have an install of Redis database runnning. The following will do.

sudo apt-get install redis-server

Install python virtualenv tool as well as build dependencies

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv python-dev libyaml-dev

Download latest version of pystats

git clone
cd soldat-pystats

Update ip to country database (for player country flags)


Create & activate venv (run this before next commands):

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate

To install to your venv but point to your code so you can edit and dev and run:

python develop

Copy config.yml.samp to config.yml after editing it to fit your setup

Quickly start website. (Bind to all NICs on port 5000). You can change the port at the bottom of config.yml

piestats web -c config.yml

Run stats update

piestats update -c config.yml

Crontab example for running stats update every hour. Change paths accordingly!

@hourly /home/pystats/soldat-pystats/env/bin/piestats update -c /home/pystats/soldat-pystats/config.yml

See the webserver guide if you want to remove the :5000 from the URLs.



Python/Falcon/Redis Soldat server kill stats web app








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