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A cookie manager allowing to flag and set rules explicitly for cookies, also third-party cookies. and have individual rights. Providing several modes to set rules onto cookies and keeping a cookie profile, while being logged in in a website or service.


This add-on is aimed at power users. By default it does nothing on its own. In order to get the most out of it, you have to define your own rules for websites or at least make some decisions. Also, in case you use payment services, be advised to disable the Global flag feature temporarily. For example when using or similar shopping or payment providers websites.

Long story made short

  1. Use Global mode if you are surfing, this will remove all kind of cookies while you browsing the web if not protected by profile mode.

  2. Use Auto flag settings which will remove all cookies for one website/domain - this can be useful if you only want to automatically remove these page cookies every time you are surfing on it.

  3. Use Profile mode either globally for a website, protecting all cookies of that domain if nothing no cookies are picked. Or protect single cookies even when Global flag or Auto flag modes are active.


Flag Cookies main user interface


FlagCookies distinguishes between http(s):// and http(s):// for the following features:

  • Detects and displays stored browser cookies and be able to manage (flag) and delete those while browsing, either automatically through global or auto flag mode or by own decision
  • Flag cookies either to be explicitly deleted even without global or auto flag mode or set them to be permitted and protected from removal by global or auto flag modes
  • Profile mode for a domain or cookies - to switch between logged into a website/service and not logged in modes in order to remove or keep cookies on demand
  • Auto flag mode only affecting this particular (sub)domain, removing every domain cookie which is not permitted or used as profile cookie, this also includes third-party and cross origin cookies.
  • Support for Firefox Multi-Account-Containers
  • Preferences allowing to import and export settings to a ZIP file. Import does not work in private windows!
  • Preferences allows to manage logged in profile cookiee, delete all domain settings and add-on settings and provides a Action log to display what FlagCookies is doing
  • Displays count of deleted cookies in the browser toolbar icon and in addition a summary of the action log when hovering the toolbar icon
  • Keyboard Shortcut Alt + Shift + A to enable/disable profile mode for a (sub)domain
  • Optional notifications, disabled by default for: profile mode shortcut activation/deactivation, cookies removed display and notifications enabled/disabled message


Firefox 58.0a1+ or a recent version of Chrome or Opera or Edge browser(s).



Use Flag Cookies on Add-ons


Use Flag Cookies on Add-ons


Use the Chrome web store: Flag Cookies on the web store @


Use Edge addon store: Flag Cookies @ Microsoft for Edge

Help, documentation and usage

Please read along here:


As of version 3.0.27 translations can be done for Flag Cookies.

All translations are located inside _locales/ folder - and the folders en for general English,as well as de for German language. Inside every folder is a messages.json located. This file holds all translated strings.

To create a new language, for example French language, use fr as code. So it ends up to everything French language related inside _locales/fr/messages.json. To add another layer of help copy the help.html from the en directory to fr/help.html - when everything is done correctly, you will be able to see changes when using about:debugging in Firefox and loading the add-on.

More information can be found here:

Providing feedback/feature wishes/ideas

Please file an issue on the issues page. I gladly try to respond to feedback and to improve Flag cookies. If you think a feature is missing or at worst, not working as expected, please also open an issue.

There is also a discussion on Mozillas Discourse where you can provide feedback:

Thanks and notes

To all who helped so far through critic, general feedback and ideas. Keeps me going!

German speaking thread @ about FlagCookies

Flag Cookies on german bulletin board