ImageScience-compatible image processing for JRuby
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ImageVoodoo is an Image manipulation library with a ImageScience-compatible API for JRuby.


  • Uses java.awt and javax.image APIs native to Java to perform image manipulation; no other dependencies needed.
  • Includes image_voodoo command-line utility for quick resizing of images, "image_voodoo --help" for usage.
  • Due to lack of TIFF support in ImageIO it is also not supported yet by image_voodoo. If you need it, create an issue in GitHub.
  • JPEG CMYK support is thanks to work of Werner Randelshofer and Monte Media Library. Monte Media Library is provided under CC BY 3.0 license.
  • Now supports reading a variety of EXIF data. This also supports new function --orient based on how phones typically save photo data.


  ImageVoodoo.with_image(ARGV[0]) do |img|
    img.cropped_thumbnail(100) { |img2| "CTH.jpg" }
    img.with_crop(100, 200, 400, 600) { |img2| "CR.jpg" }
    img.thumbnail(50) { |img2| "TH.jpg" }
    img.resize(100, 150) do |img2| "HEH.jpg" "HEH.png"

image_voodoo can also be run from the commandline:

% image_voodoo -p a.gif --thumbnail 50 -p --save a_thumb.gif

In this command-line you will preview a.gif which will pop up a rendered a.gif on your screen; Then you will scale your image to a thumb to a 50 pixel size; then preview the new thumbnail image; then save it to a_thumb.gif. The CLI tool uses the same names as the API and can be a very handly command-line tool.


  • JRuby


  • jruby -S gem install image_voodoo