[invokedynamic] Instance var sites do not age, do not handle dup'ed classes well #155

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headius commented May 3, 2012

Instance variable call sites currently attempt to cache in a way similar to method calls. However, they do not ever age out (i.e. give up trying to update the indy call site) and as a result sites that encounter a large number of types will either grow the PIC forever or continually blow out the call site cache.

This needs to be fixed for JRuby 1.7, so that megamorphic ivar call sites failover to a simple inline cache.

An example of invokedynamic.log.binding output showing the continual rebinding of ivars is here: http://pastie.org/3855673

@headius headius added a commit that closed this issue May 4, 2012
@headius headius Fix #155
If an instance variable encounters too many types it will give up
trying to bind directly and fail over to a simple inline cache as
in the non-invokedynamic compiler. This should prevent churn of
polymorphic ivar call sites.
@headius headius closed this in b0c4eaa May 4, 2012
@michaelklishin michaelklishin pushed a commit to ruby-amqp/bunny that referenced this issue Nov 6, 2013
Michael Klishin Make default list of CA's blank on JRuby
References jruby/jruby#155.
@michaelklishin michaelklishin pushed a commit to ruby-amqp/bunny that referenced this issue Nov 6, 2013
Michael Klishin Make default list of CA's blank on JRuby
References jruby/jruby#155.
@eregon eregon added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 28, 2015
@eregon eregon Squashed 'spec/ruby/' changes from fa9e1cd..92311a8
92311a8 Module#prepend is private in ruby 2.0
e3283d5 Module#include and #prepend should be defined directly on Module
1afea36 Specify TCPServer#accept and #accept_nonblock when closed
c4bb84f Add spec for String#force_encoding called on a frozen string.
0f1e1db Add spec for alias and undef raising a NameError which is not a NoMethodError
86e10f3 New spec for Kernel#exit across threads
dfb2aa0 Refactor a couple Module#prepend specs
a6bd065 Add a spec for Range#dup
8aa7b1e Super from a class method must work with prepended modules.
591ff4f Add a few more specs for defined? with scoped constants.
b99f44c Add a few spec about the return value with ensure
ee87540 Add yield-to-lambda cases that were not all consistent in JRuby.
156bb2b proc.call on object that calls #to_ary which returns nil should return original object
9145998 Add spec for alias on top level
a924c74 Add specs for results of begin-end blocks
193cf30 New spec for setting visibility from a block
f987230 Clarify private spec
22e0298 Add spec for nested methods in a "def expr.meth"
142a876 Add spec for nested methods in instance_eval
8d7b807 Ensure the variable can be read from Binding#eval after Binding#local_variable_set
fe35f8a Actually use a shadowed variable in Binding#local_variables spec
092639a Remove inappropriate spec
842d3aa Fix UnboundMethod#super_method to not be order dependent
bfd0a7e Merge pull request #155 from wied03/master
f6ebc9b Follow up for ruby/spec#153
5b76fa0 Merge pull request #154 from wied03/master
948839f Test struct methods ending in ?, !
adbb7de Exact match for without_test_modules
58f9bad Fix style in Module#ancestors spec
da511ce Merge pull request #153 from wied03/tighten_ancestors
01ba680 Exclude more test modules
278546d Tighten up ancestors specs
c49e802 Add a few more check that methods do not end up defined on Object
a81b5d3 Merge pull request #150 from wied03/instance_eval_class_mod
e27298c Merge pull request #148 from wied03/module_instance_methods
35164b4 Test instance eval/exec on classes and modules
7a45ecb Ensure including a module doesn't prevent instance_methods from working
b188d8e Merge pull request #147 from wied03/multiple_remove_meth
f554ff9 Clarify the file organization
004151e Specify that Class#new yield the new Class
dba4b94 Merge pull request #149 from wied03/mod_class_to_s
98235ef A start at module/class#to_s
4d1cf90 Merge pull request #152 from kachick/struct-new-passes-subclass-to-block
8fdfc4f Add a spec for block parameter in Struct.new
f390fcb Improve definition spaces for some Struct.new behaviors
7df9151 Merge pull request #151 from wied03/struct_with_block
4890c67 Improve struct with block tests
9ff4c13 Fully test multiple remove_methods at once
122e1e1 Merge pull request #145 from wied03/master
6b57785 Another case that wasn't working on Opal
4025c0e Only allow #extend to throw the error in Kernel#extend
7551ce6 Kernel#extend raises a TypeError when the argument is not a Module
df5dfc6 Merge pull request #143 from ruby/elia/unnecessary-mutable-string-use
a7acf82 Object instead of a String for singleton spec
c9cc7ae OpenStruct#new_ostruct_member is now a protected method
1b42fb9 Do not access private internal state in the OpenStruct#new_ostruct_member spec
c7f0b73 remove ruby_bug related to old releases
5786f3a remove duplicate specs Float#<=>.
f5323b8 remove trailing spaces
1508e8b Merge pull request #142 from ruby/elia/time_yday
2463dda Simplify the Time#yday
7472ad9 Test Time#yday for each day of each month
c9ff9cf Merge pull request #141 from ruby/elia/not_match_spec
aa56fe8 Minor fixes
17c66fa Add initial specs for Kernel#!~
391d026 Merge pull request #139 from wied03/master
af22315 Merge pull request #140 from wied03/defined_improve
db9a977 Test more granular defined? scenarios
49012ea Added another exception inspect case that wasn't covered
7512517 Update to latest ruby releases
d50b1bd Fix specdoc in Regexp#options
23585e7 Merge pull request #137 from wied03/master
fcf6a05a Cover another regexp case that was failing in Opal
bde1725 Opal is treating // as if it was created with Regexp.allocate, so add a non encoding based options test of // that it can execute and also test that match fails the same way options does
7819cb3 FreeBSD and NetBSD supports birthtime

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