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A web-based compiler for C# and VB.NET, powered by the Roslyn Project.
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Compilify makes the .NET compiler completely portable and accessible through a fast, simple interface that fosters sharing and collaboration.

Based on a blog post by Filip Ekberg.

Running Compilify locally

Debugging this project requires that MongoDB and RabbitMQ be running locally.

Nuget packages will be missing the first time the solution is opened. They will be retrieved from Nuget the first time you attempt to build.

The solution contains the web application and the background worker. Visual Studio can be configured to start both simultaneously while debugging.

In Visual Studio:

  1. Right-click the Solution node in the Solution Explorer window.
  2. Select "Set StartUp Projects".
  3. Choose "Multiple startup projects".
  4. Set the "Action" for "Web" and "Worker" to "Start".
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