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JSCharting: Any Chart. Anywhere.

JSCharting is a JavaScript chart library for visualizing your data, providing resolution independent results across all devices and platorms. Every JSCharting license includes the full suite of 150+ advanced chart types, interactive stock charts and JSMapping at no additional charge.

Official JSCharting examples for requirejs

This set of samples demonstrate how to use JSCharting as an amd module with RequireJS.

How to use

Install the necessary packages including JSCharting.

npm install

Now you can build an application.

npm run build

Also you can run dev server http://localhost:5000/

npm run start

Hot it works

After build it copies all jscharting resources from node_modules to dist folder after that you can use it by require jscharting/dist/jscharting module.

requirejs(['jscharting/dist/jscharting'], function (JSC) {
	new JSC.Chart({
		targetElement: 'chartContainer',