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Python API for interacting with the API
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Python library for interacting with the API

This is being developed for my specific use so there's no guarantee I'll cover all of the aspects of the Pipedrive API. Feel free to add features though, I welcome pull requests.

All features should be supported though as this is just a lightweight wrapper around the API.


Create a Pipedrive object, passing either the api key or your username and password as the parameters

from pipedrive import Pipedrive
pipedrive = Pipedrive(USERNAME, PASSSWORD)


from pipedrive import Pipedrive
pipedrive = Pipedrive(API_KEY)

The rest of the functions relate to the URL as specified in the API Docs.

The two things to note are the HTTP Method, and the path:


  1. To list the organizations (method = GET, path = organizations)
    pipedrive.organizations({'method': 'GET'})
  1. Add a New Deal{
        'method': 'POST',
        'title': 'Big Sucker',
        'value': 1000000,
        'org_id': 2045,
        'status': 'open'
  1. Delete an Activity
    pipedrive.activities({'method': 'DELETE', 'id': 6789})
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