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Add a check for unnecessary use of call? #650

chrisprice opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants


Given -

var a = {
b: function() {}

Should the following code not trigger a warning about the unnecessary use of call?;

(I think the above is exactly equivalent to - a.b();)

If so the check should probably be generalised to n arguments.


What is the reasoning behind this? Just overall code cleanliness or something bigger? If former, we'll make it possible to extend JSHint for such cases soon. If latter, please send a patch.

@valueof valueof closed this

It was the former, I had just being reviewing some code and it stood out to me as a good candidate for a warning. suggests to me that the author has not fully understood when it is appropriate to use call.

I suppose the same check should also be applied for -

a.b.apply(a, [c...]) equivalent to a.b(c...)
a.b.apply(a) equivalent to a.b(), c...) equivalent to a.b(c...) equivalent to a.b()

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