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Make the header on rsvp page link back to index.html #4

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Noticed that the rsvp page header wasn't linking back to the index page.

@flores flores merged commit c89b810 into from
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Commits on Apr 23, 2012
  1. @emkay
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  1. +5 −5 rsvp.html
10 rsvp.html
@@ -19,12 +19,12 @@
<div class="header-width">
<div class="yellow-box">
- <div class="logotype"></div>
- <div class="skyline"></div>
- <div class="tagline">A monthly JavaScript meet up in Los Angeles.</div>
+ <a href="index.html"><div class="logotype"></div></a>
+ <a href="index.html"><div class="skyline"></div></a>
+ <a href="index.html"><div class="tagline">A monthly JavaScript meet up in Los Angeles.</div></a>
<div class="navigation">
<div class="navigation-width">
<a class="current" href="index.html">Upcoming Events</a>
@@ -82,4 +82,4 @@
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