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A diff-based copyediting tool
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TODO: Commenting on deletions. TODO: Have regex scan backwards from closing bracket to find correct brace-pair? TODO: Indentation. TODO: Bake into gmail?

I wanted a tool that made it really easy to give feedback in a visually intuitive way. It only needed to support (a) deletions, (b) insertions, and (c) comments. I wanted it to generate the visuals automatically as you made changes to the original text.

Here's how it works:

  • Paste your original text into the copyediting area.

  • When you're ready to start making changes, hit "mark start."

  • There are three basic changes you can make: insertions, deletions, and comments.

  • To make a comment, just highlight some text you want to comment on and hit the "[" key. It'll surround your selection in brackets. Put your comment in the parentheses that follow.

  • Click the "finish" button to get a link to a page with the final marked-up version.

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