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Draft 3

Core: draft-zyp-json-schema-03 (changes)

Validation: none (included in Core)

Hyper-Schema: none (included in Core)

Draft 4

Core: draft-zyp-json-schema-04 (changes)

Validation: draft-fge-json-schema-validation-00 (changes)

Hyper-Schema: draft-luff-json-hyper-schema-00 (changes)

Draft 5

Note: Draft 5 was primarily a cleanup of Draft 4 and therefore does not have its own meta-schema. The Draft 4 meta-schema should continue to be used until Draft 6, which will have a new meta-schema, is available.

Core: draft-wright-json-schema-00 (changes)

Validation: draft-wright-json-schema-validation-00 (changes)

Hyper-Schema: draft-wright-json-schema-hyperschema-00 (changes)

Draft 6