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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.38 2011/09/07 23:10:10 gdt Exp $
COMMENT= Software for geographical-related uses
SUBDIR+= cm2gpx
SUBDIR+= cmconvert
SUBDIR+= emerillon
SUBDIR+= epsg
SUBDIR+= epsg-docs
SUBDIR+= gama
SUBDIR+= garmin-utils
SUBDIR+= garmintools
SUBDIR+= gdal-lib
SUBDIR+= geoclue
SUBDIR+= geos
SUBDIR+= gipfel
SUBDIR+= gpsbabel
SUBDIR+= gpsd
SUBDIR+= gpsdrive
SUBDIR+= gpspoint
SUBDIR+= gpsutils
SUBDIR+= libchamplain04
SUBDIR+= libchamplain06
SUBDIR+= libchamplain08
SUBDIR+= libdrg
SUBDIR+= mapserver
SUBDIR+= merkaartor
SUBDIR+= p5-Geo-Coordinates-UTM
SUBDIR+= p5-Geo-Distance
SUBDIR+= p5-Geo-Mercator
SUBDIR+= p5-Geo-ShapeFile
SUBDIR+= p5-Geo-Weather
SUBDIR+= p5-Geography-Countries
SUBDIR+= proj
SUBDIR+= proj-doc
SUBDIR+= proj-swig
SUBDIR+= py-proj
SUBDIR+= qgis
SUBDIR+= qlandkartegt
SUBDIR+= qlandkartegt-garmindev
SUBDIR+= qlandkartem
SUBDIR+= shapelib
SUBDIR+= tex-pst-geo
SUBDIR+= tex-pst-geo-doc
SUBDIR+= viking
SUBDIR+= vis5d+
SUBDIR+= xrmap
SUBDIR+= xrmap-anthems
SUBDIR+= xrmap-base
SUBDIR+= xrmap-data
SUBDIR+= xrmap-factbook_html
SUBDIR+= xrmap-factbook_text
SUBDIR+= xrmap-flags
SUBDIR+= xrmap-hymns
SUBDIR+= xrmap-pdfmaps
.include "../mk/misc/"
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