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Teapot is copyright (c) by Michael Haardt, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001.
The implementation of clocked expressions is modelled after the
description of clocked evaluation in the PhD work of Jörg Wittenberger
<> at the University of Technology
in Dresden, Germany. The German message catalog was contributed by
Guido Müsch, the Dutch catalog by Wim van Dorst
<> and the Ukrainian catalog by Volodymyr
M. Lisivka <>. The trigonometric functions were
inspired by Koniorczyk Mátyás <>. The context
output format was contributed by Marko Schuetz <>.
You may use and modify this program or derived works without charge
for personal use and at work under the condition that no copyright
notices are removed or changed. Distributing teapot under different
conditions and any commercial use like charging for copying or selling
it or derived works, alone or as part of a bigger product, needs a
written license from me.
I can be reached by:
Snail mail:
Michael Haardt
An Neuenhofen 40
47800 Krefeld
Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for anything caused by using this
program, so if your computer or house blows up, that's your problem.
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