Automatically updated conversion of the "src" module from
Latest commit f19bdf5 Jul 28, 2016 maya Fix typo in Makefile which resulted in kernel image not being generated
From Rin Okuyama in PR/51369
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bin When invoked with -se, print a '$' on blank lines Jun 16, 2016
common Fix the previous fix - there's only one _node suffix here! Jun 28, 2016
compat remove the xfree86 reachover makefiles and the vast majority of Jul 23, 2015
crypto -Wno-stack-protector Jul 25, 2016
dist/pf PR 50709 David Binderman: memory leak May 30, 2016
distrib Resurrect Asia/Tomsk, split off from Asia/Novosibirsk in tzdata2016d. Jul 28, 2016
doc Note sdtemp(4)'s JEDEC TSE2004av support. Jul 28, 2016
etc Always define MKNOD, even if we don't think we need it (turns out we do, Jul 23, 2016
external regen; Left: earm, armeb, earmeb, riscv64, earmhf, earmhfeb, aarch64. Jul 28, 2016
extsrc Top level reach-over directory for extsrc. Dec 1, 2009
games add one Jul 15, 2016
gnu has moved to external/gpl3 Jan 16, 2016
include According to Opengroup online specifications[1], _POSIX_CPUTIME and Jul 21, 2016
lib Remove one of the two SEE ALSO sections. Jul 25, 2016
libexec Fix error checks in open(2) calls. Jul 21, 2016
regress PR/50941: David Binderman: fix printf format Mar 11, 2016
rescue cgdconfig is not crypto Jul 2, 2016
sbin From Michael Plass: Jul 28, 2016
share Add JEDEC TSE2004av support. OK'ed by pgoyette. If a device conforms Jul 28, 2016
sys Fix typo in Makefile which resulted in kernel image not being generated Jul 28, 2016
tests Add some tests for route change Jul 21, 2016
tools set gcc 5.4 netbsd version to 2016-06-06 Jun 7, 2016
usr.bin accept attributes in param decls Jul 20, 2016
usr.sbin From Michael Plass: Jul 28, 2016
Makefile fix direct reference to texinfo, bleh Jan 14, 2016 don't set KERNSRCDIR here; pull in <> if you need it Apr 10, 2002
UPDATING Note that i386 needs a PIE-related cleandir. Should avoid having PR 5… May 30, 2016 When setting TOP the idea is to run the [/usr]/bin/pwd binary, and Jun 3, 2016