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Automatically updated conversion of the "src" module from
branch: trunk

PR/39918: ITOH Yasufumi: Replace KASSERT with continue, since the file

descriptor can be closed since closef() does not pay attention to FDEFER.
XXX: Pullup-7
latest commit 16e90305f2
christos authored
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bin Make cast warnings for clang non-fatal.
common match variable names with man page (Kamil Rytarowski)
compat Add RISC-V support
crypto initialize the pfilter for the privilege-separated copy (Frank Kardel)
dist/pf Merge riastradh-drm2 to HEAD.
distrib don't install X11/Xaw/Print.h and X11/Xaw/PrintSP.h. they haven't been
doc Document addition of RTF_LOCAL
etc Add OVERO to v7 and v7hf.
external Fix inconsistency between module and internal names of sdt and fbt
extsrc Top level reach-over directory for extsrc.
games Use Pp (mdoc) instead of sp (roff).
gnu Array can't be null.
include belated removal of the advertising clause.
lib Document SIGBUS per ToG.
libexec Fix previous commit by using tty00 as an example of dialin peripheral…
regress moved to tests/net/in_cksum.
rescue Remove rtsol(8) and rtsold(8) as their functionality is in dhcpcd(8).
sbin Teach route(8) about RTF_LOCAL.
share Fix some typos and make style more consistent.
sys PR/39918: ITOH Yasufumi: Replace KASSERT with continue, since the file
tests Make sure to use the values calculated in the loop that is supposed t…
tools kill the -fPIC that m68000 ends up with, fixing it in the specs
usr.bin Hide more subroutines in processing phase.
usr.sbin Add rc script for /sbin/iscsid.
x11 Use ${TOOL_GZIP_N} instead of ${TOOL_GZIP} -n, and similarly
Makefile Reorganise the way xorg is build. Move build of makestrs into src/tools don't set KERNSRCDIR here; pull in <> if you need it
UPDATING Fix typo. Fix the build kernels target with -n, disable temporarily runcmd whil…
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