Automatically updated conversion of the "src" module from
Latest commit 355d51f Dec 6, 2016 nonaka Device ID 0xa01 also matches Catalyst CAT34TS02C.
Found on SMD-N8G28CTP-18ML-BK.
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bin provide a tree like display with -d, from FreeBSD Dec 2, 2016
common Set *endptr in all paths out of strtoul and family. Nov 5, 2016
compat add LIBGCC_MACHINE_ARCH Oct 22, 2016
crypto Mark the new SPARCv9-in-32bit-mode modules as needing V9. Nov 3, 2016
dist/pf PR 50709 David Binderman: memory leak May 30, 2016
distrib Fix debug entry for glint driver (no longer obsolete with 1.18) Dec 4, 2016
doc Add Intel X55x support. Dec 5, 2016
etc Preliminary support for LUNA's HD647180X I/O processor (a.k.a. XP). Dec 3, 2016
external regen sun2, earm, earmeb Dec 5, 2016
extsrc Top level reach-over directory for extsrc. Dec 1, 2009
games add a couple Oct 14, 2016
gnu has moved to external/gpl3 Jan 16, 2016
include Import wcsnlen(3) to libc Oct 15, 2016
lib More tweaking... Dec 7, 2016
libexec n dl_iterate_phdr return the path not the name. Dec 1, 2016
regress Purge dummy Makefiles Nov 24, 2016
rescue vnconfig(8) was renamed to vndconfig(8) some time ago, and most places Aug 4, 2016
sbin New sentence, new line. Sort SEE ALSO. Fix typo. Nov 24, 2016
share update uep(4) to reflect the fact it can be calibrated now. Dec 5, 2016
sys Device ID 0xa01 also matches Catalyst CAT34TS02C. Dec 7, 2016
tests switch to using fork so we can see the child output. Dec 6, 2016
tools regen Oct 19, 2016
usr.bin update floating holidays for 2017 in preparation for pullup for 7.1 r… Dec 6, 2016
usr.sbin PR/51652: Sevan Janiyan: makefs dies due to segmentation fault Nov 25, 2016
Makefile fix direct reference to texinfo, bleh Jan 14, 2016 don't set KERNSRCDIR here; pull in <> if you need it Apr 10, 2002
UPDATING note that the OpenSSL import requires some objdir cleanup Oct 14, 2016 With driver modulization of if_loop.c through introduction of Nov 13, 2016