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Automatically updated conversion of the "src" module from
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bin Include printf by default even for SMALL builds. It is used e.g. by
common Do not set CRT_ALIAS for rump kernel; symbols provided by toolchain
compat Fix broken subdir selection after arm architecture explosion
crypto Detect error earlier to avoid memory leak.
dist/pf Merge riastradh-drm2 to HEAD.
distrib sort
doc Note import of dhcpcd-6.9.0
etc define TOOL_MKUBOOTIMAGE for mkimage
external regenerated for N32 support.
extsrc Top level reach-over directory for extsrc.
games PR/49850: Nikolai Lifanov: Document acronyms-o
gnu CID 1225079: check getrlimit return
include add VIS_NOLOCALE flag
lib fix the tools build.
libexec Bump date for previous.
regress moved to tests/net/in_cksum.
rescue Remove rtsol(8) and rtsold(8) as their functionality is in dhcpcd(8).
sbin Fix rump.ifconfig shows host's interface names in link local addresses
share Lua 5.1 -> Lua 5.3
sys wait for PWRGATE_TOGGLE.START to clear before submitting a new request
tests Fix specifying an interface for IPV6_JOIN_GROUP
tools Like the non-host mkdep don't print ./foo.h as a dependency, but simp…
usr.bin Fix warning about uninitialized variable
usr.sbin Remove obsolete interfaces: eon (netiso) and nsip (netns)
x11 Use ${TOOL_GZIP_N} instead of ${TOOL_GZIP} -n, and similarly
Makefile PR 49870: pass the xsrc path to postinstall don't set KERNSRCDIR here; pull in <> if you need it
UPDATING mention yacc requirement for acpica Fix typo in usage. From Christopher M. Fuhrman in PR 49882.
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