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Python library for serializing any arbitrary object graph into JSON. It can take almost any Python object and turn the object into JSON. Additionally, it can reconstitute the object back into Python.
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tox.ini: execute tests from the tests/ directory

5975469 removed the chdir
directive, but it is useful because it allows us to catch
packaging errors by forcing the jsonpickle that is run
by the tests to be the jsonpickle that was installed
via tox (rather than the one from the source tree).

Bring back the chdir directive to prevent Python from
finding the jsonpickle in the current directory.

We still specify `jsonpickle` and `.` to the nosetests
invocation so that the jsonpickle doctests are executed.

Helped-by: Ivan Smirnov <>
Signed-off-by: David Aguilar <>
latest commit 157a86eb65
David Aguilar davvid authored



jsonpickle is a library for the two-way conversion of complex Python objects and JSON. jsonpickle builds upon the existing JSON encoders, such as simplejson, json, and demjson.

For complete documentation, please visit the jsonpickle homepage.

Bug reports and merge requests are encouraged at the jsonpickle repository on github.


python install


jsonpickleJS is a javascript implementation of jsonpickle by Michael Scott Cuthbert. jsonpickleJS can be extremely useful for projects that have parallel data structures between Python and Javascript.


Licensed under the BSD License. See COPYING for details. See jsonpickleJS/LICENSE for details about the jsonpickleJS license.

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