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From JavaScript to Rust ebook

This repository houses an ebook-ified version of the 24+ post series started on

How to build

The ebook is built using asciidoctor and requires ruby >2.3.

Install the ruby dependencies via make deps

$ make deps

Build a PDF via the command make book

$ make book

Running code and projects

All code are housed in the src/ directory.

Day 4

  • cargo run -p day-4-hello-world
  • cargo run -p day-4-strings-wtf-1 - intentionally does not compile.
  • cargo run -p day-4-strings-wtf-2 - intentionally does not compile.

Day 5


  • JS: node javascript/day-5/let-vs-const/reassigning.js
  • Rust: cargo run -p day-5-let-vs-const --bin reassigning
  • cargo run -p day-5-let-vs-const --bin reassigning-wrong-type - intentionally does not compile


  • cargo run -p day-5-borrowing --bin borrow
  • cargo run -p day-5-borrowing --bin mutable-borrow - intentionally does not compile

Day 6

  • cargo run -p day-6-loads-of-strs --bin 200-unique-prints
  • cargo run -p day-6-loads-of-strs --bin 200-prints
  • cargo run -p day-6-loads-of-strs --bin 200-empty-prints
  • cargo run -p day-6-loads-of-strs --bin one-print

Day 7


  • cargo run -p day-7-syntax

Day 8


  • ts-node javascript/day-8/src/maps.ts
  • cargo run -p day-8-maps


  • ts-node javascript/day-8/src/structs.ts
  • cargo run -p day-8-structs

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11


  • cargo run -p day-11-modules --bin nested-submodules
  • cargo run -p day-11-traffic-light

Day 12

  • cargo run -p day-12-impl-tostring
  • cargo run -p day-12-impl-asref-str

Day 13

  • cargo run -p day-13-option
  • cargo run -p day-13-result
  • cargo run -p day-13-question-mark

Day 14


  • cargo run -p day-14-from-into


These examples require setting an environment variable. How to do that in your environment might look different.

  • cargo run -p day-14-boxed-errors
  • cargo run -p day-14-custom-error-type
  • cargo run -p day-14-thiserror
  • cargo run -p day-14-error-chain
  • cargo run -p day-14-snafu

Day 16


  • cargo run -p day-15-closures

Day 16

Type differences

  • cargo run -p day-16-type-differences --bin impl-owned
  • cargo run -p day-16-type-differences --bin impl-borrowed


  • cargo run -p day-16-static - intentionally does not compile
  • cargo run -p day-16-static-bounds - intentionally does not compile

Lifetime elision

  • cargo run -p day-16-elision

Unsafe pointers

  • cargo run -p day-16-unsafe-pointers

Day 17


  • cargo run -p day-17-arrays
  • ts-node javascript/day-17/src/arrays.ts


  • cargo run -p day-17-iterators
  • ts-node javascript/day-17/src/iterators.ts

Names example

  • cargo run -p day-17-names

Day 18

  • cargo run -p day-18-async --bin send-sync
  • cargo run -p day-18-async --bin simple
  • cargo run -p day-18-async --bin lazy
  • cargo run -p day-18-async --bin fs
  • cargo run -p day-18-async --bin async-blocks

Day 19

First you must cd into crates/day-19/project

  • cargo test
  • cargo run -p cli

Day 20

First you must cd into crates/day-20/project

  • RUST_LOG=cli=debug cargo run -p cli

Day 21

waPC runner

First you must cd into crates/day-21/project

  • cargo run -p cli -- crates/my-lib/tests/test.wasm hello "Potter"

waPC guest (hello)

First you must cd into crates/day-21/wapc-guest

  • Build with make

Day 22


  • cargo run -p day-22-serde

waPC runner

First you must cd into crates/day-22/project

  • cargo run -p cli -- crates/my-lib/tests/test.wasm hello hello.json
  • cargo run -p cli -- ./blog.wasm render ./blog.json

waPC guest (blog)

First you must cd into crates/day-22/wapc-guest

  • Build with make

Day 23

  • cargo run -p day-23-rc-arc --bin references
  • cargo run -p day-23-rc-arc --bin rc
  • cargo run -p day-23-rc-arc --bin arc
  • cargo run -p day-23-rc-arc --bin rwlock
  • cargo run -p day-23-rc-arc --bin async - intentionally does not compile


Book: Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 Code: Creative Commons BY 4.0