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JSPM Generator

JSPM Generator is the core import map generation project used by JSPM, supporting import map package management.

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This is the core import map generation project for the JSPM CLI.

  • Local Linking: map packages to your local node_modules folder
  • Common CDNs: Resolve against common CDNs like, jsDelivr, UNPKG and more
  • Universal Semantics: Implements universal CDN resolution semantics, based on an extension of the Node.js resolution
  • Conditional Resolution: Map different versions of a module based on environment
  • Dependency Versioning: Respects the version constraints in local and remote package.json files
  • Package Entrypoints: Handles node-style package exports, imports and own-name resolution

See the documentation and getting started guide on


Contributions welcome.

Build and test workflows use Chomp.