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jspm CLI

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Registry and format agnostic JavaScript package manager.

  • Supports installing any module format from any registry, with GitHub and npm currently provided, via the registry API.
  • Couples to the SystemJS module loader, which is built on the current draft of the browser ES6 module loader specification.
  • Carefully resolves version ranges using greedy fork minimization into flat multi-version package folders.
  • Provides tiered bundling of multi-format module trees using SystemJS builder.
  • Loads and builds assets through SystemJS plugins.

See for a project overview.

For support, join the Gitter room or Google Group.

Use jspm --help to see the full up-to-date list of commands.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please read the contributors' guide.

For a list of community projects and tools, see the Third-Party Resources Wiki.


See the SystemJS project page for SystemJS usage documentation.


Apache 2.0