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Issue Queue for the jspm CDN

All issues for the jspm CDN can be posted here (

Every attempt will be made to fix bugs promptly, so if you suspect a CDN bug please do write up the case.

If it turns out to be a bug, the package will be fixed as soon as possible with the relevant CDN cache paths flushed.

JSPM Core Discussion

Core project discussions are held every two weeks on a Thursday, 9am Pacific Time, covering the current status and roadmap for the project as a whole.

Anyone may attend or propose topics for the agenda so long as they are relevant to the core project discussion.

To receive an invite, post an issue to this repo with the title "Meeting Invite" and your name.

Meeting agendas are available under the "agenda" label in the issue queue here prior to each meeting.

Current attendees are:

  • guybedford (Guy Bedford)
  • JayaKrishnaNamburu
  • vovacodes (Vova Guguiev)
  • jollytoad (Mark Gibson)