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A simple Master Mind game with color combinations to choose between simple and complex modes (simple mode not allowing combinations with repeated colors to be generated). It evaluates the player performance once you finish a game.
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MasterMind 1.1.1b

by Javier Novoa C.

MasterMind is a game I've been developing since my school days. Occasionally (sometimes separated literally by periods of years) I maintain and upgrade it's capabilities. Since 1.1 I'm intending to not let it rot by time.

The most recent changes (which led to v1.1) finally made me program the port to GNU/Linux using the curses library. Originally the program was done for MS-DOS with the conio library, and developed, compiled and debugged through Borland C++ 3.1 IDE. Now I've used MAKE, GCC and GDB as main developing tools (and no IDE!), which means a great evolution (for me at least). By the way, I've used these tools on Linux 2.6.22, on an OpenSuSe 10.3 distribution.

Please mind that MasterMind was originally written from a spanish language perspective, so the interface of the program was originally written in that language. One of the TODOs in my list is to write a good localization support for it, so that this won't be a problem any more. The purpose of version 1.1.1 is to implement that localization support. But even though this fact, I consider the interface to be pretty simple, so it shouldn't be a problem learning to use it by simple experimentation, at least until an english interface is actually implemented.

MasterMind is free/opensource software under the GNU General Public License v2, so please read the LICENSE file that is included with this distribution for information on modification/distribution/general questions about licensing.

For information on compiling, installing and running, there is an INSTALL file.

For information on how to use the program, please read the online help provided within the program itself (as I said, in spanish for the current release).

For hackers, there's additional information on the TODO file. You may also be interested in the BUGS file.

There is also a HISTORY file with the historic data for the program.


This distribution of Masterind includes the following files:

  • README this readme file
  • LICENSE licensing information
  • INSTALL information on compiling and running the program
  • HISTORY historical information on the program
  • TODO things pending to-do and hackers general help file
  • BUGS bugs reported and found to be still living in the code
  • Makefile the makefile to build the project with MAKE
  • masterm.c the main source file in C
  • masterm.h the main header file
  • cursors.h the cursors interface 'main' file
  • curstextlib.h the cursors interface header file
  • languages.h adds a basic translation system and an english translation


The current maintainer of MasterMind is Javier Novoa C., you can contact him at his email at or via msn IM at (also via GoogleTalk IM through the same Gmail account)

Mexico city 23/january/2009

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