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website and docs for Apache Camel created with scalate
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Apache Camel WebSite and Docs

This project creates the website for Apache Camel and the HTML documentation using Scalate.

See how the site works along with how to export Confluence.

Editing the live site

To edit templates and wiki files live on your computer and see the results immediately in your browser try

mvn jetty:run
open http://localhost:8080/    

As you hit save after editing a template, wiki file or a layout (which by default is in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/scalate/layouts/default.scaml) you should be able to hit reload on the browser.

To avoid having to hit reload on the browser you can try LiveReload

Generating the static site

mvn scalate:sitegen
open target/sitegen/index.html

To deploy (if you setup your maven project to deploy)

mvn deploy

Downloading the docs from Confluence

We use the Scalate tool to download the confluence wiki pages as follows..

scalate confexport --user user --password pass \ CAMEL src/main/webapp    
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