Merging heuristic for cecomposition of binary matrix into non overlapping rectangles in linear time.
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polygons First version of WSMR May 12, 2014

WSRM Algorithm

The WSRM algorithm is an heuristic for the decomposition of binary matrix into non overlapping rectangles. It is a linear time approach that produces good decomposition, especially for rectilinear polygons. It is a suitable alternative to the standard IBR algorithm.

Matrix decomposition

Getting started

Create a binary matrix from a picture :

BinaryMatrix matrix = MatrixParser.binaryMatrixFromImage(new File(

or from a text file :

BinaryMatrix matrix = MatrixParser.binaryMatrixFromFile(new File(

or from a boolean[][] :

int row = ...;
int col = ...;
boolean[][] matrix= ...;
BinaryMatrix matrix = new BinaryMatrix(matrix,row,col);

or a random matrix, with a given percentage of 1-entries :

BinaryMatrix matrix = new BinaryMatrix(matrix,row,col,percentage);

Then decompose the matrix into rectangles, 1 is the size of the smallest rectangle autorised :

WSMRDecomposer extractor = new WSMRDecomposer(matrix);
DecompositionResult extractionResult = extractor.maximumDisjointRectangles(1);
List<SortableRectangle> rectangles = extractionResult.getRectangles();

Testing the algorithm

To run the test, use the following classes :

  • TestRectangleExtraction : verify the algorithm by deconstructing and rebuilding a binary matrix.
  • TestSavedImage : show samples of extraction on images. Sample are given in the pictures directory.

Finding bugs

If you happen to modify the source code, use the FindBugsOptim to generate random matrices and test the validity of the decomposition. The method halts if a problem is encountered, runs forever otherwise !