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Jetson Build Assistant Scripts


After you download lots of files through or sdkmanager, you still need to download toolchains, kernel source code and other stuffs to setup the development environment on your Linux Host PC, in addition, you need also collect some handy commands to build the code, flash the images, etc. So, these scripts are to help developer to setup the develop environment and provide the handy commands.



Clone this repo under the top folder downloaded by Jetpack as "build"

git clone build

File Tree

The relevant files for this scripts and their layout.

  ├── build                 --> This Build Assistant Scripts
  │   ├──
  │   ├── config
  │   ├──
  │   ├──
  │   ├──
  │   ├──
  ├── jetpack_download
  │   ├── Jetson_Linux_XXXX_aarch64.tbz2
  │   ├── public_sources.tbz2
  │   └── Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_XXXX_aarch64.tbz2
  ├── out                   --> kernel build output, images will be copied into Linux_for_Tegra for flash
  │   ├── KERNEL
  │   └── MODULES
  ├── prebuilts
  │   └── gcc
  │       ├── bsp           --> toolchain for bsp build
  │       └── kernel        --> toolchain for kernel build
  ├── sources               --> source code
  └── [Xavier|Nano|64_TX2|64_TX1]     --> All images are put under this for flash
      └── Linux_for_Tegra
          ├── bootloader
          ├── kernel
          └── rootfs


  • source build/

This command must be executed under the TOP folder downloaded by Jetpack

This command is to setup some basic env variables, some configurable variables will be saved into $TOP/build/.config

  • l4tout_setup

re-setup "Linux_for_Tegra"

  • bspsetup

download and setup the toolchains download and setup kernel source code with git repo

  • kbuild

build kernel source code, output to $TOP/out/KERNEL, $TOP/out/MODULES copy the generated Image and dtbs to $OUT/kernel. If "-a" specified, modules will also be copied

  • kdefconfig

generate .config from defconfig (make xxx_defconfig)

  • kmenuconfig

generate the menu of kernel config

  • ksavedefconfig

save the kernel config to $TOP/kernel/arch/arm64/$KERNEL_DEFCONFIG

  • flash

flash images with passing options to

  • flash_no_rootfs

flash all images excpet rootfs/APP partition, valid for Xavier and TX2

  • flash_kernel

flash kernel partition, valid for Xavier

  • update_kernel

update kernel on device by scp, valid for Nano, TX1 and TX2

How to Use

Initial setup

After download files with Jetpack, run below commands to setup others:

  • source build/
  • l4tout_setup
  • bspsetup

Normally use

  • source build/

This need to be run in any new shell, then you can build kernel or flash board with other commands.


build assistant scripts for Nvidia Jetson platforms: AGX Xavier, TX2, TX1 and Nano




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